Local man continues initiative to render aid to Houston-area residents impacted by recent arctic blast

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(Last Updated On: March 30, 2021)

Empower Magazine shines the spotlight on the community outreach efforts of Jay Bradley. On March 4, Bradley launched a Winter Storm Relief Initiative to help Houstonians in the aftermath of Texas’ recent winter storm event.

Bradley, a Houston resident, has embarked on various philanthropic initiatives to renovate and revitalize the Houston community, including the “Buying the Block” initiative in which he collaborated with developers to revitalize 5th Ward. After observing the devastation caused by the winter storm event, Jay quickly activated the Operation Winter Storm Relief initiative to help Houstonians rebuild.

Bradley and his team of volunteers have provided cases of water in Houston’s 3rd Ward along with free plumbing repairs for uninsured individuals whose homes were impacted by recent freezing temperatures. The initiative will continue through April 30th.

What motivated you to coordinate your relief efforts in response to last month’s arctic blast.

I was raised with a strong emphasis on the importance of helping my fellow man. I have always found joy in giving back to my community, and after seeing the city in such suffering I wanted to help in whatever possible. I love the city of Houston; we have always been #Houstonstrong and we take care of each other.

Provide an overview of your what your outreach efforts look like in the wake of the storm.

The goal of the initiative is to assist families with short- & long-term relief as a direct result of the winter storm event. In order to meet this objective, we have broken the initiative into 2 phases; Phase 1 was the water distribution event which took place on March 6. This event included the distribution of 252 cases on water in the 3rd Ward community. Phase 2 will include assisting uninsured individuals in need of assistance with plumbing repairs.

Operation Winter Storm Relief Phase 1 efforts

With the record low drop in temperatures, share some of the most devastating things that you witnessed as you sought to respond to the needs of area residents.

My personal encounter was a minor inconvenience in comparison to the devastation I saw around the city. Some of my friends had their homes destroyed due to flooding from burst water pipes, were without drinking water for days, and more.

Is there a particular response from an individual/family you have helped that stands out most in your mind?

There have been many, but the one that was most impactful was during our water drive. As we approached the end of the water drive there was an elderly lady that was returning from walking to the grocery store with her grocery basket. As she was coming down the sidewalk, I asked her if we could give her our last two cases of water. She agreed and told me that the grocery store was out of water and if it wasn’t for our drive, she would not have drinking water. This meant a lot and was confirmation that we are on the right path.

During your efforts to restore normalcy to the lives of impacted Houstonians, what has been most fulfilling to you as you have launched this ongoing initiative?

Being in a position to help my fellow Houstonians.

Share who instilled in you the value of helping others and giving back to your community?

Growing up, my parents instilled within me a strong sense of community. As well, I grew up in the church and helping thy neighbor was the foundation of the church’s teachings.

What organizations have aided you in your efforts?

Sponsor NXG Logistics has been instrumental in assisting with the launch of the campaign and have pledged their support for the duration of the campaign to assist the community.

How can individuals in need reach out to you for aid?

Requests for assistance can be made via email to Jay@equinoxrealtygroup.com or via DM on my Instagram social media page, @JayBrad.

How can others contribute to your efforts?

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a family or assisting with the Winter Storm Relief Initiative, we have established a GoFundMe for individuals to contribute: https://www.gofundme.com/f/operation-winter-storm-relief.

Local man continues initiative to render aid to Houston-area residents impacted by recent arctic blast