After Arian, Romina Foster Launches Sportswear Line

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(Last Updated On: August 8, 2015)

You’ve heard the saying, “behind every great man, there is an even greater woman.” This woman is not only the wife and stylist of Houston Texans Running Back Arian Foster, but she is the owner and designer of a unique women’s sportswear line, COVU clothing. She is Romina Foster. With parents and a sister working full time in the fashion industry, the last thing on Romina’s mind was one day running her own line. Instead, she saw bright lights and a microphone in her future. After pursing her dreams, Romina was fulfilled, but she still had one unanswered question that left her pondering most Sundays for a number of years. What should I wear to the Texans game today? It wasn’t until 2013, that she found the answer to her lingering question. Inspired by two of her passions football and fashion, COVU clothing was born, and it derived from professional football’s defensive play scheme, Cover 2.

Ladies, this season you no longer have to go on a hunt in your closet for gorgeous but game day sufficient staples. You can choose from one of many flattering COVU sweatshirts, jackets or tights for the upcoming football season. The Houston Texans line can be purchased today, but more fashionable and surprising looks will be ready to purchase by pre-season this summer. Romina spoke with Empower Magazine about COVU clothing, what to expect from the line and what it is like to style her debonair hubby, Arian.

Empower Magazine: Tell us about COVU clothing and how did it come about?

Romina Foster: It was a personal decision, and it was always troubling for me to find something to wear to the Texans game on Sundays. I would often question myself as I would look for clothes to wear, do I put on a jersey that I was very uncomfortable wearing, or do I wear something fashion forward. I would tell myself I can’t believe there are not many clothing options for women who love sports to choose from. I started noticing that there were only a few v-necks and a few other fashion trends on the market for women who love sports, so I started making my own tights and a sweater to wear to the games. I would walk through the stadium and I would get a lot of people making comments on the clothes that I designed. I didn’t expect the attention that the clothes were receiving from women and men around the stadium. So I started researching what is accessible to women in apparel in terms of football, and I thought it was a great way for me to have Arian and his family to help me connect with the sport.

EM: What is your inspiration for the line?

RF: It’s football and fashion as it is out there now. Believe it or not the fan wear market is at least three years behind, and they are still working with v-necks, mesh or vintage prints. Honestly, I think that has been overturned for at least three seasons by now. So I want to create a way to have women wear it not only on the weekends but to wear it going out and other daily activities. You can be able to wear the line to your job with a beautiful sweater on from your team and not be underdressed. I would love for women to drive their kids to school like me and represent their team while doing so.

EM: What is the goal for COVU?

RF: I want COVU to be a source of knowledge for women when it comes to football. I will eventually like to expand the company into COVU Life and make any kind of information centered on football accessible to women. I would also like to expand the line into all facets of sports.

EM: Since fashion evolves daily, where do you see the company in a year?

RF: I would love to have my line in at least one store in every city that has a football team, so that would be in 32 cities. Also, I would like for my line to be in large retailers that specifically sell fan wear. I am preparing the final line now. Right now, I have the Houston line and shirts for every team available. COVU is having an overwhelming amount of response to the sports related fashion forward pieces and the pieces that connect more with the sport, so you can look forward to more of those pieces this season. With the designs I am doing now, I hope to be more curious and adventurous within the year.

EM: Who inspires your own personal style?

RF: I love Rachael Zoe, Olivia Palermo and fashion bloggers like Chiara Ferragni.

EM: Are you styling for any other artists or sports players other than your husband?

RF: No, not at the moment, but I always have inquiries. Right now, I am styling for just Arian, although I owe the voice of the Texans, Marc Vandermeer, a styling session.

EM: Is it hard styling for Arian?

RF: It’s not hard, but I think sometimes he is very set on his ideas. You just have to find a smart way to make him wear what you want him to wear and make him think it was his idea. The challenging thing about Arian is he loves to reinvent himself. So for me, it is locating something that he finds interesting and new.

EM: How much input does Arian have in the clothing line?

RF: He is very helpful with the football terms and techniques, especially for our most popular shirt, Cover 2 T.  Since Arian has been to every professional football stadium and has played in each city, he is also helpful with grasping the tradition and spirit of each team. He has a very good idea of the fan of each city and can tell me what they are looking for and what the team stands for.

EM:  What makes your line different from any other sports apparel line?

RF: My fabrics, prints and details are really good. We pride ourselves in making quality prints, unlike other sports apparel lines.  We mix known football fabrics and details without actually wearing a football jersey and we use the fabrics to recreate something fashion forward and that isn’t your normal sportswear.


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