Michigan company launches ‘Road Rage Awareness – Stay Neutral Campaign’

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(Last Updated On: August 6, 2021)

Road rage incidents, fatalities, and shootings are on a terrifying rise in the U.S. On the whole, the month of August has consistently been the most dangerous month of the year to drive.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Aug. 2 and Aug. 27 have been two of the most dangerous days in the month of August to drive. Given the startling statistics regarding the month of August and the road rage epidemic, more efforts to bring awareness to these two realities are needed.

Don’t Engage N Road Rage, Inc., a Michigan-based company, launched by Rick Sykes, who had a close call with road rage and is committed to promoting road rage education, awareness, resources, and safety around the country. The company has partnered with Outfront Media, LLC, sports teams, and other entities to further advance its mission, message, and brand.

And so, during the month of August 2021, all drivers are invited to join the Road Rage Awareness – STAY NEUTRAL CAMPAIGN and encouraged to be considerate and safe while operating a motor vehicle.

Don’t Engage N Road Rage goals are to:

Strategically maximize road rage awareness through partnership, projects, and programs 

Educate drivers, especially youths, to become respectful, responsible, and reasonable 

Reduce aggressive driving and road rage Incidents and fatalities both Now and in Future

Visit our website and get involved https://dontengage.org/.

And remember this: “While on the road, practice self-control.”