Multi-platinum music producer making waves in education and business

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(Last Updated On: May 16, 2019)

Khao with Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness (R) and Jamaican Senator Aubyn Hill  | Photo credit: KMG

Atlanta, GA – For the last decade, multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated music producer Khao has been on a quest to not only be successful, but significant.  He is known for curating some of the biggest hits for recording artists like T.I., Jay Z, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, Pharrell, Ruben Studdard and others before taking a hiatus in 2008. However, the man behind more than 35 million records sold is back and is preparing for the release of perhaps one of the biggest albums in Hip Hop history, called Bad Brains Forever. He is also steadily becoming a powerhouse in education and business.

Photo caption: Multi-platinum music producer Khao | Photo credit: KMR

Bad Brains Forever boasts more than 60 artists,  including legendary names like Nas, Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, T.I., Snoop Dogg, Monica and Ludacris, along with leaders of the new school like Torey Lanez, Derez Deshon, Queen Naija, Yo Gotti and Lil’ Baby. His first single, “Done With Her” is already on national airwaves, and he is poised to release more music that will take the industry by storm. One track, called “Unified” will feature one of the final verses from the late Nipsey Hussle, along with others like Snoop Dogg, Game, E-40 and even Ice-T, who was brought out of a 20-year retirement to take part in the song. An album of this magnitude has never been executed, and what is more impressive, Khao has accomplished this entirely independent of a deal with a major record label.

“This is my Quincy Jones Project,” he said. “I am about creating music with a feeling that never dies. It’s like hearing Al Green or Michael Jackson.  No matter when you hear their music, you get a special feeling.”

He continued:

“Pulling together a project like this is a result of my track record in the industry, the high-quality work I have produced and also being able to establish strong relationships. That is the only way something like this can happen, especially independently.”

Khao has his own label Khao Music Group (KMG), and under that umbrella, has a distribution company and an online portal to give up and coming artists access to platinum quality beats.

While Khao’s musical feats are quite impressive, what many may be captivated by is how he has leveraged his success in music to become a major figure in education.

In 2008, he started his non-profit, Bridge DA Gap, to help urban youth to cope with and overcome various challenges that affect their ability to succeed in school and life. Due to its success, teachers called on him to create something that could assist them in improving test scores. As a result, he created an innovative K-12 curriculum called KOOLriculum, which infuses music with science, math, social studies and reading. The results have been impressive, leading to the curriculum being adopted by schools across the United States, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and in Africa. Khao recently met with the Prime Minister of Jamaica and other officials, as he is looking to solidify a major partnership which would build schools and bring other important services to the island.

Khao exposing youth to his KOOLriculum program at a STEAM event in Atlanta | Photo credit: KMG

Additionally, he has introduced his KoolAR book, which merges Hip-Hop music with fun, animated characters and a technology referred to as Augmented Reality (AR). The education world has never seen anything like it, and teachers and parents alike are raving about it. Compatible with a smart phone or tablet, characters in the books literally jump off of the pages, creating a visual experience that is highly interactive, but also conducive to accelerated learning.

Khao has won a Lifetime Achievement Award from President Barack Obama and the current administration of President Trump is even calling on him because they see the KoolAR concept as the next step in revolutionizing the way young people learn.

“The reason this is so innovative is because this technology has never been used before in the form we are using it,” he said. “We have combined Hip Hop music and music videos with our characters and the result is something that is fun, but also convenient for parents. It is a money saver because they don’t have to invest in stand-alone products like the leap frog which can get expensive.”

These are just some of the endeavors Khao has on his plate. New business moves will find him being a major player in the film industry as well with his company KMG Films, but the public will have to wait to find out what he has up his sleeve.

“Just know that some major things are taking shape and this is all God’s work. When God tells you to move, you move,” Khao said.

For more information on Khao’s music and the upcoming Bad Brains Forever album, For information on education, visit and For other updates, follow Khao on Instagram at @khaomusic. 

Multi-platinum music producer making waves in education and business