Simplify Your Life with Estell Porter | Mother’s Day every day?

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(Last Updated On: May 9, 2014)

This year Mother’s Day is May 11, the day we celebrate mothers, and this is great. Hallmark commercials create a sentimental atmosphere and everyone gets into to the mood of saying words or sending cards and flowers that demonstrate to their mother (natural or adopted) that they love them for all they do and have done for us.

Growing up my mother taught me and my brothers and sisters to celebrate her.  A child does not learn without instruction (so Mom, begin now and be consistent in this).  Initially she helped us make cards that she displayed for all to see.  Then as we grew older, through her example of buying us cards for our birthdays, she taught us to buy her cards that had meaning, specifically for her.

She had the knack of making each of us feel as if we were the only child she had.  There are six of us, so can you imagine what effort that took?  I recall saying “thank you” for something that she did specifically for me but not nearly often enough.

My mother passed several years ago, so I miss our conversations that always ended with “I Love You! from both ends of the phone, or when leaving her presence a hug and an “I Love YOU!”

It has been said that a woman is not a real woman until she is an orphan.  I can say without hesitation that I am different, I think differently and respond differently since my mother passed.  However the difference is that not a day goes by that I don’t wish I could tell her how much she means to me and visit her to listen to her wisdom.  For those of you whose mothers are still alive, I encourage you to make a habit of telling her often, and in many ways, that you love, respect, admire and cherish her.

Start this Mother’s Day with doing something a little different.  Imagine that this is the last time that you will see your mother, what would you do or say to her.  Forget commercialism, get personal.  Those childlike actions still mean a lot and will communicate your love in a refreshing way.  Your personal investment of time will leave a lasting impression.

Here are five  ways to communicate your love.    You’ll be glad you did.

1.    Write her a personalized poem (or song); enjoy one of mine below:

You’ve taught me to make wise choices
Listen to good advice
Pay attention to details,
Speak when spoken to and
Count the cost of my decisions.
All of these I am passing on to my children.
Thank you.

2.    Cook her favorite dish(es) and give her a day off from cooking.
3.    Listen to her.   Time is something that is limited for everyone.  This time investment will pay huge dividends.  She is full of wisdom, so listen without judgment to what she has to say about things that are important to her, things she is concerned about or things she’d like to do.
4.    Ask her what she needs to have done, then do it.
5.    Plan an annual weekend event for her.  Celebrate her other than on Mother’s day.  Make it all about her, by doing something that she likes.

Remember, the longer she lives, the more her needs will change.  Keep a close eye on her for changes in attitude, responses and associations.  Protect her as she has done for you.


Mothers are so special
They hold you when you hurt yourself
Kiss the pain away
Laugh at your jokes
Take you to school
Wash your clothes
Cry when you leave
Cry when you come home
Are concerned about your well-being
I am where I am today, because
Of your investment in my life.
Thank you for not letting me slide by.
“Far Above Rubies,” Estell Porter,  copyright 1999

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Simplify Your Life with Estell Porter | Mother’s Day every day?