Stacey Porter is Back with Color and Texture

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(Last Updated On: June 12, 2019)

Empower Magazine was amongst the select attendees at Stacey Porter’s exclusive event hosted at The Heights Art Studio; The Art of Stacey Porter – A Night of Color with a Touch of Texture.

During an evening commingling with art enthusiast, friends and distinguished guest, Stacey Porter was gracious enough to provide EM with an exclusive interview.

EM: What brought about this event?

Stacey: Art is my form of poetry and how I speak to my viewers; and, so I’ve collected a body of work over the years and I wanted to recreate just a night celebrating these kinds of colors and textures. I’m passionate about art, so I wanted to put on an exhibit for you’ll to come out and see.

EM: Is this your first exhibit in Houston?

Stacey: This is not. I have done these many times. I took a break from exhibits and paintings for 11 years. So now I’m back in the flow of things and it feels really good.

EM: Are you going to be traveling and touring and doing other exhibits?

Stacey: We will see – we will see what the future brings. Right now, I know that I will have three shows a year. It takes a lot to put on a show to begin with, lots of manhours painting and researching.  In terms of getting prepared for a show it would take about four to five months to do that. So, going on the road in the future – absolutely. I would like to go to Dallas to do some things.

EM: It’s obvious that you have an absolute passion and inspiration for doing art, what do you attribute that to?

Stacey: I attribute that to just being a gift from God. I can’t take credit for it. I did find out later that my Grandmother (Rosa Mathews) is also a visual artist. So, I was trying to figure out where I got this gift from. I figured it out very early in elementary school. I was in the second grade. We kind of had a little art project and we drew some things up. I was so excited. And, when I was done, I said let me look at everyone else. When I looked at everyone else, I said Oh! So, it stuck in my head that God had given me something, so I cultivated that over the years.  

EM: Is this in any way a kind of ministry to you?

Stacey: Often times I paint things that are spiritually inspired. I painted the “Crucifixion.” I’ve done the “Christ and the Virgin Mary” and “Adam and Eve,” and it’s just my explanation of what I think they might have looked like. Now, these painting I pulled from my show from before, but I would be interested in how I would paint them today. And, I might do that, you never know.

EM: Anything else you would like to share with the Empower Magazine readership?

Stacey: To the readers – take art seriously. A lot of times people think that art is not important, but it does matter. Everything you see is art. Architecture and graphics; no matter what you do these are vehicles – someone designed that. Art is a very important tool, so when you see children who are natural artist, cultivate that. Allow them to understand that it’s OK if this is what they are interested in.

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Stacey Porter is Back with Color and Texture