The Empowering Legacy of Fathers

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(Last Updated On: June 15, 2014)

As we prepare to take a day to pause and recognize all Fathers, I couldn’t help but smile as I re-visited the fond memories of my Dad. By his example throughout his time on this earth, he taught me many life lessons. My Dad, Robert Leon Jenkins, was a very resourceful person. He was very gifted at basketball, but for some reason or other, never pushed me to become a talented hoops player. What he did, however, was give me a strong sense of family, respect for my elders, and pride in my self-worth.

I can remember the times he would fix breakfast, lunch and dinner for us. You see, my Dad worked in the military dining facilities wherever we were stationed. Later in his military career, he was a personal chef, caterer and housekeeper for Air Force general officers.

I dare say that I also remember the very few times when my Dad had to discipline me with the belt. You see, for the most part, I was the best son any Dad could have (smile); but sometimes I missed the mark and messed up. So I tearfully took the belt whipping my Dad gave me. And trust me, he made it hurt so that I wouldn’t do a repeat performance of my transgression.

Among my Dad’s proudest moments in life was when I became an Army officer. He was not necessarily excited about me being in the military, but because he used to work for military officers, he showed personal pride in the fact that his oldest son had joined the officer ranks.

While writing this special salute to my Dad, I was inspired to pen the following poem as a tribute to responsible Fathers everywhere.

When I think about the Empowered Father,
I look to the Father above.
The Father above all Fathers;
with that perfect Agape love.
He forgives us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors,
He restores our soul,
so that our cup may spill over.
He is a model for patience,
and compassion and grace,
and don’t forget mercy,
as we run this earthly race.
He challenges us Fathers
to model for our kids.
Because we know when they grow older,
They’ll do as their Father did.
So EM commends all you Fathers,
Who stay through thick and thin,
So your kids can reflect upon those times,
and say, you remember daddy when?
We know we’re all imperfect,
But be that as it may be,
In all your imperfection,
Be there for your kids to see.
So, for you Fathers that pass the test,
and feel empowered to do your best,
Happy Father’s Day to You.

Leon Jenkins, EM Editor-in-Chief

I welcome you to leave a comment to salute the special father in your life.

The Empowering Legacy of Fathers