Top “Take Aways” from Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend

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(Last Updated On: October 20, 2014)

Thousands converged on the Toyota Center in Houston for two days of inspiration, empowerment and encouragement as Oprah Winfrey and a powerhouse team of thought leaders came, awakened and delivered on the fifth leg of Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend Tour.

Attendees had the opportunity to kick off each day in O Town, a 360-degree activity hub filled with booths, lounges, live music, cooking demos, celebrity guests and photo kiosks.

The highlight of the event took place Friday night as Winfrey took the stage to share intimate details of a journey that took her from her humble beginnings as a child in Kosciusko, Mississippi to the pathway of purpose and passion that has defined her as the most influential and powerful media voice of her time.

The transformational weekend, sponsored by Olay and Toyota, continued on Day 2, as Winfrey joined with Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, Iyanla Vanzant and Pastor Rob Bell for a one-of-a-kind think tank of inspiration.

The celebrated thought leaders each took the stage to pour out the defining experiences that shaped their lives and shared a wealth of wisdom and insights to inspire audience members to begin on the journey to living the life they want.

The following are a few of the “take-aways” from this thought-provoking and powerful weekend of inspiration:

“Whatever your calling or purpose, you have to pay attention, you have to be still to know it, and you have to be willing to follow the flow of it, and share it.  It is not a purpose or a calling that is just for you. Whatever it is that you are here to do, it becomes more powerful when you share it, and the key is to use what you have in service to others.” ~ Oprah

“You have got to be willing to do the work, whatever the work is for you, you have got to be willing to do it.” ~ Iyanla Vanzant

“Ego is ‘edging God out’ and is that part of you which needs approval or that thinks you are beneath someone or above someone, that part of you that is afraid and hasn’t let out that deeper part of you that is full of love, full of joy and peace. ~ Deepak Chopra

For years I didn’t say ‘no’ to people and I didn’t say ‘the truth’ to people because I didn’t want them to be mad with me or not like me. Keep around you people that can live in your truth with you and the rest of them say goodbye. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

“May you embrace the life that you have, may you embrace the miracle of it, may you embrace the fact that it all matters, the big and the small. May you enter into the mystery of your own existence, and may you, in embracing the life you have, discover that you are living the life you want, and may grace and peace be with you every step of the way.” ~ Pastor Rob Bell

“Gratitude is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.” ~ Oprah

The event concluded with a special Toyota Standing O-Vation Award presented by U.S. Paralympic snowboard medalist and Dancing with the Stars finalist Amy Purdy to Sugar Land resident Yamile Jackson, inventor of the Zacky, a simulated hand used to comfort premature infants in neonatal intensive care units in their parent’s absence.

The next stop on the tour will take Oprah and her team to Miami, Fl. and Seattle, Wa. with a final stop in San Jose, Ca.

Top “Take Aways” from Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend