Up Close and Personal with Felicia Smith – Atlanta, GA – EM Columnist

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(Last Updated On: June 6, 2014)

As Editor-in-Chief of Empower Magazine (EM), I had the great fortune of traveling to Atlanta, Georgia with my wife recently. During our Atlanta excursion we entertained a unique opportunity to spend some quality time with one of our newest EM columnist; Ms. Felicia Smith.

During our brief time together, Felicia shared the following tidbits of information with me and my wife in a very enlightening Q&A session.

Q: What is your ultimate passion in life?

A: I did not know it at first, but my passion is to make a difference in relationships. I see relationships as very unique; the keys in life. Relationships will put you in places that money can’t; business relationships in particular. I feel that in every employee there is an entrepreneur if you cultivate them. So if you are a business person you have got to have a good relationship with the people you employ. Some people don’t necessarily think so, but your employees are part of your vision. They are going to help that vision grow because you cannot do it alone. Family relationships are also important. My passion is to help people have better functioning relationships; good functioning lasting relationships, and understanding the need to have good relationships in your life. You can’t do everything by yourself. Your associations are important, but make sure you don’t burn the bridges that you might have to come back and cross over again. So in my writings, everything leads back to my passion; being able to contribute to healthy relationships. And, I see relationships as the keys of life. I really do.

Q: Tell us another interesting thing about you.

A: Well – my Master’s degree I am pursuing is in Marriage and Family Therapy, so I am always leaning towards building up the family. As a product of a divorced family, I’ve seen what that looks like when the couple is divided; it’s a mess. I have written my first book, “Through the Eyes of a Daughter, Father We Need You.” I talk in my book about the family being the first institution of learning, but when you have a division you are already at a deficit. And, if you do not have the right structure at home, it can really be a hard road.

Q: Felicia, tell us about some place you have never been, and if God could make a way you would go there sooner rather than later.

A: I would say the FIJI Islands; Bora Bora in particular over in the Pacific. I saw some pictures in a magazine in 2003 and it just left an imprint on my mind. I am sometimes a private person and it’s very plush, very upscale, very secluded, so you’ve got your privacy – plus you have a nice exotic place to visit.


Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you see yourself in realizing some of your goals and aspirations?

A: I have done so much. When I set a goal, even if it takes a while, I am going to get it done. In my twenties, I had a goal to get into real estate and become a broker; well that goal came to life. In fact, here in Atlanta for several years I had a very successful brokerage company. So, I can say I’ve completed a lot of my goals; I write them down on index cards on the day of my birthday. I strive for a 10, so I would probably give myself a 10. I’ve gotten a lot of my goals completed.

Q: Is there a goal right now before you that you are aspiring to accomplish?

A: Definitely. I am two semesters away from graduating with my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I was thinking the other day that it has been a long journey; about 10 years because I went part time including undergrad. And, with family life and raising a daughter, I’m now just two semesters away. It has been a great experience. I will be done in May of 2015.

Q: Where does the Empower Magazine opportunity fit in with everything that you are involved in?

A: I see Empower Magazine as a great opportunity and excellent opportunity simply because I get to inspire people to go after what they want especially from the business aspect. I’ve been that business owner, and will continue to be that business owner. So, Empower Magazine will allow me to empower and encourage others to go forward and get it done. Having this platform allows me to talk to people and help them deal with real life situations. I see where this is a win-win situation for me.

Q: You actually live here in Atlanta; why Atlanta?

A: I do. I was in Houston for a while; I was working there doing my book stuff, but I have a daughter who was born here in Atlanta, and her family is here. And she is very close to her family here. She hit the middle school mark last year, and I told myself that you’ve got to be a mom first; she needs your support. So, I decided to move back here for that reason. And, I don’t really have any regrets, because as a parent I believe that you do what is best for your kids. You want to be in a position to empower them to.

Q: What is your primary business in the Atlanta area?

A: I am actually in real estate. I actually started getting back into real estate here at the beginning of the year. I pretty much chose to create multiple streams of income for me, and real estate is my primary. I also do some contract work with book authors. I was a case manager in Houston, so I do contract work to assist others in making themselves marketable.

Q: Well Felicia, we haven’t highlighted your book yet, so tell us a little bit about it.

My First Book: Through the Eyes of a Daughter, Father We Need You
My First Book: “Through the Eyes of a Daughter, Father We Need You”

A: Well let me tell you that I was with a book club there in Houston; The Secret Place Book Club. They have a huge conference in Houston in September, and I was their featured author last year. I keep in touch with them on a regular basis. They are a Christian based book club. They are big on empowering their readers. I have sold a few thousand of my books. I am a one man show in certain aspects, but have done TV interviews here locally.

Thank you so much Felicia. This has been a thoroughly enjoyable and welcomed opportunity to get up close and personal with one of our newest EM Power Team Columnist all the way over here in Atlanta, Georgia.

Up Close and Personal with Felicia Smith – Atlanta, GA – EM Columnist