What race do you see when you look at me?

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(Last Updated On: July 21, 2021)

(Tulsa, Oklahoma, July 20, 2021) RECONCILED – Black by Experience, My Struggle for Legitimacy by Dana Clark-Jackson is a fascinating true story of a mixed-race person living in two worlds. This very timely book makes what could be uncomfortable quite comfortable thanks to Dana’s easy-going style of writing. She shows transparency and honesty all of us can enjoy and relate to.

Since the book’s release it has gained high praise:

“This is an extremely touching account of an important and often painful life journey.” ~ Dr. Ben Keppel, a University of Oklahoma history professor

“The book  … was so compelling that I read it all the way through in one setting…and then immediately started to read it again. ~ Pastor Tim Clark, lead pastor of Church on the Way, Van Nuys, Ca.

“There are many books written by those who struggled as a black person in America. But, to see the unique perspective of someone who is half black/half white really revealed a slice of (sometimes tragic) Americana!” ~ Evangelist Dea Warford, CA Amazon Review

Not only has this book made a difference in the lives of many, but it has also opened many doors for Dana.  She has been a featured speaker at the University of Oklahoma, featured in magazine and radio interviews as well as numerous COVID-19 Zoom meetings. Other venues include community organizations such as rotary clubs and conferences on race relations. She has presented to educational institutions, conferences and worked with community leaders and government officials. Dana has also done book signings for a historic museum’s first-ever Black History celebration and Houston’s very own Mikki’s Soul Food Cafe. Recently, she has branched out with services to individuals and businesses concerning how to have more effective relationships. The venues from which to share have been and continue to be numerous.

In addition, a film documentary is underway based on the book’s topic. “Road to Reconciliation,” with Emmy award-winning Director Bunnee Tomlinson at the helm and Dana Clark-Jackson co-directing the work.

RECONCILED – Black by Experience, My Struggle for Legitimacy by Dana Clark-Jackson is an intriguing look at what part race has played in her personal and life-long development.

Enjoy, and learn from, this truly remarkable story! RECONCILED – Black by Experience, My Struggle for Legitimacy is available from Amazon.com or anywhere you prefer to buy your books