Money Matters

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(Last Updated On: October 19, 2015)

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In today’s society we are crippled by direct and indirect messages to spend money. Often times we are encouraged to spend money we have not yet earned, on unnecessary things, to impress people we do not like. Water cooler conversations take place at the workplace to discuss recent and future purchases, but there are no discussions about saving. In fact, when is the last time you spoke to someone who is excited about saving?

Many people fail to save because of various financial fears. “Restriction” is usually the word that comes to mind when saving is discussed. A client once said to me “If I save I won’t be able to do anything.” In her mind saving would prohibit her from the pleasures of life. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

When implementing a monthly budget one does not have to feel guilty about spending money. A monthly budget allows you to allocate your monthly income appropriately in addition to paying yourself. Those who commit to a monthly budget can account for their expenses and control they’re spending. Scheduling a session with a licensed financial professional to complete a “Personal Financial Strategy” provides the proper direction and guidance in designing your financial blueprint.LaShonda Pic 1

In my experience as a Certified Financial Educator, I’ve found that those who participate in a  professional goal planning session, strategically position themselves to achieve their financial goals. We must adopt a proactive approach to planning for our future. What you don’t know about money will hurt you and how we handle money does matter.

LaShonda Johnson PicAbout the Author: LaShonda Johnson is a Licensed Certified Financial Educator. She is a native Houstonian with 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Her background includes 16 years in Corporate America in management, sales, training and development, and 10 years as an independent capital medical equipment distributor. LaShonda’s passion is to provide financial education to as many individuals and families as humanly possible. Her goal is to empower people with the financial knowledge necessary to help them proactively plan for their future. You can email LaShonda at:, and be sure to visit her website at: Houston Housewives of Finance.

Money Matters