Choosing the Right Exercise on your Journey to Fitness

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(Last Updated On: June 23, 2014)

Even with all the benefits that supplementation and healthy eating can provide, the basics of “TRUE” health and wellness includes exercising. The average person is inactive and puts himself or herself in a position of several risk factors. The fact is that even minimal amounts of regular physical activity can have immediate benefits. This goes especially for the 40 and over population.

These benefits go far beyond just losing weight or toning muscle; you immediately begin to lower the risk of injury, while increasing strength/flexibility. As a result, as the years go by, you can remain independent well into your senior years.

What types of exercising should you do?

Simply put, do what you enjoy. If you like to play tennis, play tennis as regularly as possible. But Never be afraid to try different activities; walking and running increase cardiovascular health just as tennis does. If you really want to switch it up, try pilates or yoga; both are good for increasing strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

Regardless of the activity you choose, if you haven’t exercised in a while, consult with your doctor about your concerns and limitations. It’s not smart to take on more than your body can handle at that point. You should ALWAYS start off slowly and pace yourself; it’s very important to gauge where you are in your fitness journey.

If you begin to have shortness of breath or chest pain, STOP IMMEDIATELY. If you start feeling sick to your stomach, stop; should your symptoms last longer than 10 – 15 minutes, discontinue your workout for the day. Symptoms may occur up to 60 minutes after the workout, so pay attention to how you feel as you begin your cool down and return to regular activities.

Keep in mind that as we get older the body isn’t as forgiving as it used to be; that’s why it’s important to be realistic with yourself and expectations so you avoid injuries.

When doing any exercise, make sure that you’re using correct form so you can avoid aggravation of the joints. By using correct form, you strengthen the muscles and stabilizers around the joints which helps alleviate joint pain.

About DeLano Daniels

After many years in health and fitness and enduring some of life’s hardest trials, DeLano Daniels launched his own fitness company Pin Fit in 2012 to help motivate, inspire, and guide individuals who are wanting to change their lives. Not only is DeLano a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, but also a sponsored athlete, natural bodybuilder, writer, and college graduate. When DeLano isn’t training for shows, he can be found training individuals for special occasions, personal goals, fitness competitions, and most importantly better overall health and wellness. For questions regarding fitness, nutrition, or training, contact DeLano at or 832-775-3590.

Choosing the Right Exercise on your Journey to Fitness