Finding a Purpose for Greater Health

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(Last Updated On: August 1, 2014)

I have been in the fitness industry for the past 9 years professionally. You name the workout, I have done it, or I am going to do it. Today, I want to reach out to those that may want to get started, those who have gotten started, and those who are looking for a quick fix.

I want to commend all levels of fitness from the novice to the intermediate to the expert for having the understanding of your own purpose for greater health.

Purpose is defined as – the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

I have a saying that I love to share; that saying is “HEALTH IS WEALTH.” Once you have your purpose for getting and/or becoming healthier, you will have established a cause that no one can take from you. I crave physical activity daily and indulge in being mobile daily. I immerse myself in physical activity so much to the point that my heroes have changed. I admire not only the professional athletes that push their bodies to the limits, but also the senior citizens that are 70-plus years old and you can’t tell their age. I met a female bodybuilder who was 78, didn’t look her age, and was in top shape and still living her life.

One of my clients came to me about 5 years ago and thanked me and said that his diabetes was in remission and that he didn’t have to take insulin anymore; and, he told me that I saved his life. I knew that exercise was a preventative thing, but I never knew that exercise could put a disease in remission.

As long as I have life in this body of mine, I want to enjoy this beautiful world we live in with my family and loved ones. And, I know with good health I can eliminate a lot of conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, fragile bones, high cholesterol and even prevent certain cancers. Why battle these harmful or even fatal health challenges if I DO NOT HAVE TO. I would like you to know that working out is FAITH-based. You wonder how so? Well it takes 90 days for you to notice your results. Those 90 days require faith in your ability to achieve your desired results combined with work and commitment.

Health is truly a journey, but you will never be ready for that journey if you have no purpose. Wouldn’t you like to be able to dance with your daughter at her wedding? Maybe even take a long walk on white sands at your favorite vacation spot, or, as you grow older, to have the ability to use the restroom without calling for help. I hope by now you are starting to dig deep within yourself for that purpose of greater health.

What I would really like for you to take away from this column is that you are deserving of greater health. But just like anything in life we do, in order for it to truly succeed, we must have a purpose, a cause, a reason.

I say it again, “Health is Wealth,” because it allows us to do those things we love to do, and with the people we love to do those things with. Health is contagious, you rub off on people and even healthier people rub off on you.

So determine and establish your purpose, and next time I will have an awesome workout for you.

About DEE of True Believers

DEE (Delvric Tezeno) is a personal fitness trainer and owner of True Believers Fitness.  He provides personal fitness training for individuals seeking to achieve optimal fitness.  He specializes in personal training, fitness training, strength training, circuit training, advanced cardio, CrossFit training while sharing tips on balanced nutrition and mind and body wellness.  For more information, visit

Finding a Purpose for Greater Health