Getting Pin Fit: From ‘Skinny Fat’ to Optimal Fitness

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(Last Updated On: November 13, 2014)

Today I have guest columnist, Raqui Lynette, briefly explaining her journey into fitness. It wasn’t always an easy process but she has shown that it can be done with the correct preparation and planning.

Raqui is a native Houstonian, a graduate of Baylor University, and is currently working as a finance representative. Just like you, she’s your average person who became motivated by health and fitness and over the last year and a half has transformed her body.

My journey to fitness has been an interesting experience, to say the least. Prior to enlisting the assistance of my trainer, working out was sporadic and my nutrition was sub par.

It was in December of 2012 that I decided to FINALLY get in shape. I had never had an issue with size, but I considered myself “skinny fat.” I had a thin frame, but absolutely no muscle definition. In addition, I was extremely self-conscious.

Let’s fast-forward to the first session with my trainer… INSANE. Being that I had never had someone push me past my comfort zone, the feelings I felt during the workout were foreign to me. There was the feeling of uncertainty – not knowing if I’d be able to make it through the entire workout, the feeling of fear – thinking that what I was being asked to do was far beyond my level of skill, and the feeling of timidity – knowing I had never had anyone hold me accountable during a workout and therefore had no possibility of embarrassing myself.

Let’s fast forward, even further, to the present. Currently, I’m 1 and 1/2 years into a life of fitness. I cannot say every day has been error-free, because it hasn’t been, but I’ve learned so much. My trainer/nutritionist has taught me the importance of combining resistance (body weight, bands, free weights, etc), cardio, and nutrition in order to reach optimum results.

Resistance is needed to shape and define muscle, strengthen muscle and bone, and assist in burning fat. Cardio is essential in burning fat, strengthening cardiovascular muscle (heart), and maintaining conditioning. Nutrition is key in becoming fit. Experts will tell you nutrition is 80 percent of the equation of becoming and staying fit. For example, you can do 1000 crunches a day and never see muscle definition in your abs if you’re not eating properly.

By following my fitness plan, I’ve seen drastic changes. I’m no longer “skinny fat”, I have muscle definition, and I’m no longer self-conscious. As a matter of fact, I competed in my first fitness competition last year.

With determination, discipline, and dedication, you too can change your life for the better. Keep in mind, changes wont come overnight; it didn’t take 2 months to put it on, and it wont take 2 months to take it off. Slow progress is still progress. Keep pushing forward and remember all three aspects (resistance, cardio, and nutrition) are the keys to your success!

About DeLano Daniels

After many years in health and fitness and enduring some of life’s hardest trials, DeLano Daniels launched his own fitness company Pin Fit in 2012 to help motivate, inspire, and guide individuals who are wanting to change their lives. Not only is DeLano a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, but also a sponsored athlete, natural bodybuilder, writer, and college graduate. When DeLano isn’t training for shows, he can be found training individuals for special occasions, personal goals, fitness competitions, and most importantly better overall health and wellness. For questions regarding fitness, nutrition, or training, contact DeLano at or 832-775-3590.

Getting Pin Fit: From ‘Skinny Fat’ to Optimal Fitness