Getting Pin Fit – The pros and cons of taking supplements

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(Last Updated On: October 16, 2013)

By DeLano Daniels, Fitness Contributor, Pin Fit

I typically don’t go a day without having some type of supplementation whether it be a simple multivitamin or some type of joint support. I can’t tell you how many times a week someone asks “Do you really take all those pills?” as I reach into what looks like an industrial-sized pill box.  My answer to that is “Yes”.

Do you know what supplementation really is? Supplementation is intended to provide an individual with the nutrients that may not otherwise be consumed in adequate quantities by food alone. A supplement can include vitamins, fiber, amino acids, healthy fats, and minerals.

Since 85 percent of Americans do not eat a healthy and well balanced diet, supplementation may be necessary to get all the vitamins and minerals needed on a daily basis. Things such as iron, vitamin C, vitamin D, and antioxidants are all examples of nutrients that a person can be deficient in when not consuming a proper diet, therefore, we must supplement.

On the other hand, there are some negatives to consider when using supplements; over-consumption and contamination are among the main reasons supplements get a bad rap. For that reason, it’s always important to know why you’re taking particular supplements and to take them the way they are intended to be taken so that it does not lead to over-consumption.

Another factor to consider is contamination; supplement companies have been known to have contaminants in their products, sometimes knowingly and other times not.These contaminants can lead to all sorts of problems such as a positive drug test, high blood pressure, organ failure or, even, death.

DeLano Daniels Competition photo.
DeLano Daniels Competition photo.

This is why it is important to know why you are taking each and every supplement you consume.It also is very important to find a clean and reputable brand that you can trust to minimize potential risks on your end.

If you have any questions about a certain supplement be sure to mention it to your physician. If you feel funny, jittery, or uneasy stop taking the supplement immediately and consult with your physician before resuming.

I hope I have shed a little light on how to look for and take your supplements responsibly and safely.

Below you will find a list of a few supplements I consume on a daily basis. The dotFIT company produces some of the best, cleanest, and effective products I’ve ever used. You can find my supplement list (below) and more on the dotFIT website at

-DeLano D.

My Supplement List

  1. Active Multivitamin
  2. Joint Flex Plus (joint support)
  3. Superior Antioxidant
  4. Super Calcium+

About DeLano Daniels

After many years in health and fitness and enduring some of life’s hardest trails, DeLano Daniels launched his own fitness company Pin Fit in 2012 to help motivate, inspire, and guide individuals who are wanting to change their lives. Not only is DeLano a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, but also a sponsored athlete, natural bodybuilder, writer, and college graduate. When DeLano isn’t training for shows, he can be found training individuals for special occasions, personal goals, fitness competitions, and most importantly better overall health and wellness. For questions regarding fitness, nutrition, or training, contact DeLano at or 832-775-3590.
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Getting Pin Fit – The pros and cons of taking supplements