A 3-D look at love, relationships and marriage: past, present and future.

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(Last Updated On: August 21, 2015)

Have you ever taken a moment to look within and ask yourself this question, what does your ideal partner, significant other, future spouse look like? Given that I can relate to those around the world who are humbly waiting for the ultimate relationship such as marital bliss or marriage, I have had resonating thoughts that have softly formed what I would call a vision in my mind for the ideal spouse.

In times past it seemed that certain aspects of a mate were seemingly blurred, but let’s place confidence in the solid idea that God is truly up to something if we remain open to his perfect timing and will for our lives. I say that because more than ever a vision for your life, love and future relationship is definitely worth considering. While considering your future partner and collaborator, remember you need to connect with their past, present and future and likewise. Therefore, take a moment or perhaps as long as you need to ponder what you would like your merger, acquisition, or 3-D view if you will to manifest into when it comes to love, and your ideal relationship. However, while considering your ideal mate, don’t forget to focus on yourself too and how your future partner lines up with your past, present and future. You both need a vision for your life, and solid understanding of your purpose. If not, your purpose together in life may be derailed. Here’s my point and food for thought, connecting means you both are seeking to connect with each another’s past, present and future.

So in the meantime and while we have time in our single lives to become the person God has called us to be, why not cultivate your purpose while attaining your past, present and future goals. In your present become effective in areas you feel need improvement, or better yet – attain goals aspired to in your past that have never launched. For some, future goals may involve investing in real estate property; for others it may be to travel the globe; yet others might aspire to sponsor an orphan child, or how about serve in various civic capacities. Whatever your conquest, now is the time. And, let’s not forget that the word single doesn’t mean handicap.With that being the case, in the present become an effective “you” so that you’ll become an effective “union” when Mr. or Mrs. Future comes along.

Long story short and I quote…”become an effective you before becoming an effective union”!

Happy cultivating your life whether it be taking good care of past, present and future endeavors while you wait and pray for God’s perfect timing to connect you to your desired lifelong relationship!

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A 3-D look at love, relationships and marriage: past, present and future.