A New Year | A New Start | A New You

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(Last Updated On: March 14, 2014)

Vera Moore, EM Health & Beauty Columnist, Skin Deep and Moore

Happy New Year.  Can you believe it?  2014 Amazing. Where did the time go?

Time, our most precious commodity, slips through our fingers like sand; never stops, can’t be retrieved, waits for no man and is gone forever.   Re-assess, prioritize, and seize the opportunity to make every precious moment count to make a difference. A new mindset if you will.  For example, “Forgiveness and Compassion.”

Isn’t it absolutely ridiculous how you can be angry with someone for a long time and they don’t even know it. (Guilty!)  Learn to surrender the pain, anger and forgive those that have wrongfully hurt you. Quickly, is the magic word. Guess what! They’re off having a fabulous time in Paradise Islands, and you’re still wasting time lamenting. (Crazy isn’t it) Let it GO! It’s not always easy, but it can be done. (I did)

Ok, that’s enough of that. As we get to know each other, I would like to share “moore” jewels.  Jewels are meant to be enjoyed and shared.

No man is an island.  

No matter what we want or think, we absolutely need each other.   Remember those good old days when our neighbors (we called them nosy bodies) would scold us if we were not doing the right thing. Our heart would beat like a drum because we knew she was going to tell as soon as your momma got home. (Well, some of us knew what that meant) In retrospect, they were looking out for us.

Prayer Changes Things

Let’s get the good old days back; by getting involved.  If we could just humble ourselves again and “Pray” for each other, things would change. Yes, I said prayer. I definitely believe in it.

My mother used to say “prayer changes things.” I know all of us have heard that phrase. Someone in the family was praying for you; be it mother, father, grandma, friends, the church, etc. Now, we understand, what we thought were nosy neighbors was our extended family, our village.  It was our culture to look out for each other.

Life feels like a marathon sometimes, but you don’t have to run the race by yourself. Did you know, there’s a precious diamond in all of us?

Share Your Story

The survived experiences of life’s pressures eventually reveal our internal brilliance. So, please share those diamond in the rough stories.  Your stories will touch someone’s heart and let them know they’re not alone. Your shared experience maybe just what they needed to make the right decision. You may remain anonymous if you prefer We’re anxiously waiting to hear your story.

My desire is that “The Moore” segment of Skin Deep & Moore” is the opportunity for you to exfoliate your internal debris and clutter. Reveal those jewels of information lying dormant within all of us. Let’s get to know each other. I need your feedback.

Will you do that?  Tweet me @VeramooreCos or email me vmoore@veramoorecosmetics.com. Let me hear from you.

Oh, one more pearl! As we get to know each other, you will notice that my focus will always be clean up vs. cover up. So for your convenience, we will have a new feature called “Ask the Esthetician” where you can ask your skin and beauty question and receive a response from our experts.

Consuella, Licensed Esthetician and National Training Director for Vera Moore Cosmetics will answer your questions, share the importance of knowing your proper skin type, and recommend the correct skincare regimen and products.  It’s going to be educational and lots of fun.

I know this New Year is going to be a great New Start! I feel it. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the New YOU. Have a Blessed New Year.  The power to keep JOY is in your hands. Choose wisely.

We have an incredible example of someone that endured herculean challenges for decades but, through it all, he kept his JOY.

“A Life Lived for Others is a Life Well Lived” –  Honorable Nelson Mandela

Be Empowered!

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A New Year | A New Start | A New You