Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

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(Last Updated On: October 14, 2014)

There is so much sickness and disease in the world today and if stress is not managed it can lead to both. What are you doing to take care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Do you exercise? Do you drink enough water? Do something simple as walking at least three times a week. You can even walk during your lunch break. So no more excuses!

Your greatest investment is you! But if you are sick, how can you fulfill your God given assignment or purpose? Are you eating healthy foods? It is stated that the one way to surely lose weight is by watching your diet. Try to incorporate fruits, nuts, and vegetables in your diet along with baked, broiled, or grilled meats.

Mentally, are you dealing with unforgivness, depression, guilt, hurt, shame, or embarrassment? This list could go on. Those mentioned above can take a toll on your mind. Your body can rest if your mind is in distress. Please seek out a friend or you may need to speak to a professional. Ask for referrals for a therapist from your doctor, friend, or family member. But please talk to someone.

Emotionally are you dealing with unresolved issues from your childhood? Are you struggling because a relationship ended and you don’t know how you will recover? Are you suffering because of a loss you had? Again I can’t stress this enough to seek out a professional. It is hard to move on if you don’t deal with the issues that are internal.

Emotional issues that are not dealt with can manifest into physical pain. reading 2There are individuals that go to the doctor and they run test but can’t find anything. That is because those emotional issues that haven’t been dealt with have manifested into the body.

Spiritually, no matter what you are going through stay connected to the vine. When people feel out of control it is because they are no longer focused on God. They have taken matters into their own hands. God will give you a divine strategy on how to manage what is going on in your life. All you have to do is ask. Ask God to help you and he will do it. He wants your life to be in order not in chaos.walking

At least once a week you should do something for yourself. It could be no more than taking a walk, stopping at Starbuck’s before picking up the kids, reading a book, taking a bubble bath, getting a manicure or pedicure, meeting an old friend for lunch, or taking a drive for no more than enjoying the scenery. Even on the airplane the stewardess tells you to secure your oxygen mask first before assisting others. Self-care should be a part of your life for balance is the key to life. All work and no play makes you no fun!

Sonya Waddell is a Licensed professional Counselor outside of Atlanta. She is the author of “Single Ladies: Living Holy in a Sexy World” which can be purchased on Amazon.