Big Girls Rock 2

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(Last Updated On: March 16, 2014)

Photos by: The Lennz Photography

Purpose of the Show
The primary focus of Big Girls Rock 2 Presents Real Men Wear Pink Fashion Extravaganza was to raise cancer awareness, raise capital to support research efforts, and to provide support for local organizations that are working to provide support to cancer survivors and their families.

Donna Rogers came up with the concept of using the fashion industry as a backdrop and platform to raise awareness for this worthy cause. Throughout the planning process Rogers and her team worked diligently to ensure that everyone understood that this event was more than bringing full figure fashion to Houston, it was an effort to show our support to all of those near and far that are fighting the good fight against cancer.

What The Founder Hopes to Accomplish…

We first pray that attentive comprehension of our health as a whole doesn’t stop with us, but we encourage entire neighborhoods, cities, states, and countries to rock out loud for cancer support and awareness. ~ Donna Rogers, founder of Big Girls Rock 2

  • To inspire confidence, self motivation, and pride in the people of our communities, but also assisting those of inspiring talent to use what they’re best at to help others.
  • Most importantly, to celebrate the loved ones we have lost educate the ones who are here, and take the journey with our family, friends, and everyone we can reach.
  • Big Girls Rock 2 is such a motivational event because it comes from the hurt and pain of people who have lost someone. The dynamic force Donna Rogers has created for cancer awareness is admirable. The fashion show took place on Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014 at the North Houston Sheraton Hotel.

Other Organizational Goals
Big Girls Rock 2 is an organization that was founded on the principles of empowerment and education. We believe that the better people feel about themselves, the more empowered they will be to live fulfilling and healthy lives. It is our hope that our efforts reach deep into diverse communities and we are able to help those that are in need.

With sponsors like the Legendary Plus-Size model and founder of 1426 Fashion Week, Linda Scott-Houston. As well as various media outlets.

  • Giving women and men of all walks of life a chance to realize their dreams of modeling, while showing aspiring models of their communities “they are the standard of beauty.”
  • Allowing fashion designers, hair, and makeup artists the opportunity to showcase their view of excellent, and bring brilliant ideas to life.

Who’s Rocking For Awareness With Us…

  • Donna Rogers, CEO/Founder of Big Girls Rock 2, Kim Tezeno, co-Founder of Thick Women of Houston, and Ms. Pinky, model, singer, actress and starring cast member in Houston-based reality show Thick Women of Houston “Large and In Charge.”
  • Co-host, Houston native Spoken word artist/writer Seven Johnson, and Atlanta’s own Nikki Patterson, plus-size model/fashion blogger.
  • Maestro for the evening was well known local disc jockey, DJ SuperStar.
  • A multi-designer fashion show with a stunning array of standard-to -plus size models, styling for a cause! The runway was run by famed stylist, Steven Smith, hailing from sunny West Palm Beach.

For more information on the organization and its mission, visit

About Donna Rogers

Donna “Tha Diva” Rogers has been in the beauty and fashion industry for over 17 years as a master hair designer and makeup artist from Huntsville, Texas.  In the hair and makeup world she is a trend setter and trail blazer.   In 2011 she founded Big Girls Rock 2 as a platform for change and acceptance for women of size across the country and to support cancer awareness and cancer survivors.

Big Girls Rock 2