“Control-Alt-Delete”: A computer can teach us about relationships

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(Last Updated On: November 14, 2014)

As I worked on a very important document on my computer, I suddenly noticed the terror of a frozen computer screen.

The more I pecked, the more the computer didn’t respond. As I sat patiently waiting for a reaction, it dawned on me that the same applies in relationships, especially those inappropriate in nature.

We can learn a lot from a computer especially when the screen tends to freeze up while we’re in the middle of working on something important. It’s no secret how to get a reset; it’s oftentimes necessary to press control-alt-delete to get the computer to restart or unfreeze. If you’re blessed, you may be able to recapture the work you were working on prior to the technological issue, but frequently it’s a complete loss.

With that being the case, I decided as we approach the holiday season and close of the year, to reflect on control-alt-delete.

Along the route of life, specifically in relationships, it’s a good idea to proactively control-alt-delete.

So diary what should I tell this single reader? Oh, that’s right to control-alt-delete.

Control the situation: emotionally, mentally and physically. Diary, you know that I have not always mastered this, however as a pillar of hope for others, I can only speak from experience to share with single readers the need to be mindful of their emotions. If they don’t control their emotions and feelings, their emotions and feelings will control them.

Alternate your views so that you’ll be open for God to bless you miraculously in the relationship provided that you’re equally yoked.

Delete (as necessary) the debris in your life whether it be toxic relationships (male and female), mindsets, habitual sin habits, and anything that will hinder you in mind, body, soul, or spirit.

Like plants that need to be pruned to grow, we must learn to prune as we grow and that involves a routine of control-alt-delete.

An exit doesn’t need an introduction. When it’s over in love relationships, it’s simply over.

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Contact Felicia who is a life coach and author of the soon-to-be-released book “Loving You Feels Right, But I Don’t Want To Be Wrong” (2014). www.queendreamz.com.

“Control-Alt-Delete”: A computer can teach us about relationships