Denial Is Not Your Friend

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(Last Updated On: August 31, 2014)

Denial is not your friend; matter of fact it is your enemy. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. If you break down the words right in the middle of acknowledge, you are “now led”.  Now led to know the truth, so that you can be set free. Denial is nothing but bondage!

People do not get help because they do not want to acknowledge what has happened or what is happening in their lives or the lives of others. Individuals are in denial about their friendships.


Maybe you are friends with someone that is not beneficial in your life, but because you have been friends with them for so long you do not want to let them go. The reality is you should have ended the friendship long ago. Whenever you tell them of good things going on with you they are not happy or supportive.


Your doctor may have told you that you are overweight and that if you do not slim down you will be prone to certain sicknesses or diseases. But because of denial you do not follow the doctor’s direction and gain weight and begin to notice troubling symptoms in your body.

Do you know some people are in denial about how much debt they are in that they chose to ignore their hardships and spend money or use credit cards like it is nothing? There are others who have seen the signs of their partner being unfaithful but choose to ignore it. You cannot confront what you do not acknowledge.

Mental Health

Another important category of denial is in mental health. If your mind goes so does everything else. The mind is the nucleus of being able to function. Time and time again I have seen people wait so long to go and talk to a therapist for many reasons but a huge one is denial.

They are not acknowledging that they need to go and talk to someone that can help them. It may seem easy to ignore symptoms in the beginning, but it will cost you in the end. If you cannot be honest with yourself then who can you be honest with?

Steps to ending denial
1. Pray and ask God for transparency.
2. Have a talk with yourself.
3. Acknowledge that there is a problem.
4. Ask someone who is close to you to give you perspective on the issue. People who love you will tell you the truth in love. They should also pray for you.
5. Seek out someone that is an expert in that area and get help.

About Sonya Waddell

Sonya Waddell is a Licensed Professional Counselor from Atlanta. She is the owner of Dove Counseling Center www.dovecounselialso the author of “Single Ladies: Living Holy in a Sexy World” which can be purchased on Amazon.