Getting PIN FIT – 9 Reasons To Workout In The Morning

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(Last Updated On: August 13, 2014)

DeLano Daniels of Pin Fit believes earlier is better when it comes to achieving optimum fitness.  In this week’s column,  he shares his top nine reasons to workout in the morning.

1. Consistency is Key

Most of you have the best intentions at heart when you say “I’m working out on my lunch break or when I get off”. This typically will end up at the very bottom of your to-do list, and for whatever reason won’t get done. Most of us can avoid this by waking up an hour earlier and hitting the gym before work.

2. The Waiting Game

Ever had to wait for your favorite machine or piece of cardio equipment? Yeah, drives me crazy too, especially when another gym member is on it, doing nothing. But if you workout in the morning, you’re a little less likely to encounter this situation, being that most health clubs peak time is after work.

3. Increase Your Metabolism

Training first thing in the morning kick starts your metabolism and keeps it at an elevated state for hours! Basically, this means that you’ll be burning more calories for hours after you’ve completed your workout. If you’re like most of the American population, you’re sitting at a desk all day long; so, a little extra calorie burn ain’t gonna hurt cha!!

4. Energy

Working out in the morning will give you the energy to work hard and play even harder! When we workout in the morning time, the body will release hormones and other endorphins that will give you a day-long energy boost.

5. You Forget Your Troubles of the Previous Day

Training in the morning really helps to put you in a healthy state of mind; this allows you to start off with a fresh perspective and forget the stressors of yesterday. Working out releases the “Feel Good” endorphins, which means you’re less likely to get stressed or upset about a situation you may encounter at work. Let’s face it, if you’re working hard enough during your training session, chances are you’re less likely worried about yesterday, and more concerned about you’re recovery time in between each set.

6. Regulates Your Daily Appetite

AM workouts will help you regulate your daily appetite; over time you’ll gradually notice that your mealtimes become habit. By having specific meal times, you’re less likely to have those sugary cravings or a dip/plunge in energy level which can lead to a horrible binge-eating fest.

7. Focus

Maybe you’ve noticed an increase in your ability to focus mentally on things after a good workout. Training in the AM causes oxygen rich blood to flow into the brain, allowing better function and focus, and can last anywhere from 3 – 10 hours. This will give you the ability to troubleshoot or resolve issues up to 20 percent more efficiently than you normally would have.

8. Discipline

We all know how much discipline and motivation it takes you to get up out of your warm and comfortable bed at 4 or 5 in the morning. In the long run, the motivation it takes to get up everyday will trickle over into other areas of your life and, just like that, you’re a well-oiled machine. You’ll start living according to a schedule and not the typical “eh, when I get to it” method of life.

9. Better Sleep

Working out helps with better sleeping patterns, as well as sleep quality. Not only will your body signal to you that its time to hit the sheets, but you’ll make a better effort to get to sleep knowing that you have an early morning training session. Its absolutely critical that you give your body the proper rest it needs before an early morning workout; if not, you’ll find it very difficult to build lean muscle and too easy to lose it.

About DeLano Daniels

After many years in health and fitness and enduring some of life’s hardest trials, DeLano Daniels launched his own fitness company Pin Fit in 2012 to help motivate, inspire, and guide individuals who are wanting to change their lives. Not only is DeLano a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, but also a sponsored athlete, natural bodybuilder, writer, and college graduate. When DeLano isn’t training for shows, he can be found training individuals for special occasions, personal goals, fitness competitions, and most importantly better overall health and wellness. For questions regarding fitness, nutrition, or training, contact DeLano at or 832-775-3590.

Getting PIN FIT – 9 Reasons To Workout In The Morning