I’m Stressed: How Do I Manage?

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(Last Updated On: July 3, 2014)


It has been said that there is good and bad stress. But the truth of the matter is that stress can kill you. As a culture we are so busy dealing with life’s daily demands that we don’t stop and smell the roses. We are always in a hurry and seem to have so much to do in little time but “Balance is the key to life”. Some may find that they do too much of one thing but not enough of the other. If that is you then your life is out of balance.

The good news is that today, you can take control! In dealing with stress some people just need to get organized. If you are not the organized type ask someone who is gifted in that area to help you. There are others who have trouble saying no and have taken on more than they can handle. My rule when someone asks for help is, “If helping you is going to hurt me, then sweetie, I can’t help you.”


It doesn’t mean that I’m being selfish I’m just setting a boundary with my time. People will use you and abuse you if you allow them to. The ball is in your court! In your heart you would like to lend your assistance but you are not able to at the time and that’s okay.

Another tip: If someone asks you to do them a favor don’t answer right away. Tell them you will have to get back with them and count the cost. Will it cost you more time than what you have to help them and if so the answer is no.

Others have trouble with managing their time and always seem behind. One day I was really frustrated and decided to stop and ask God to help me to manage my time. My focus ending up being laser sharp! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t asked him before. The Holy Spirit is just waiting for you to ask for assistance. But the key is to listen.

There are times when all we need is a strategy to get your life back in balance. For those overachievers it is okay if you don’t get everything on your list accomplished in that day. Just make sure you take care of the priority items first and be okay with that. You are still getting things accomplished.

Ask for help. Pride will stop you from doing this simple task. Strong people know how to ask for help and delegate. People love being needed but they don’t want to be used. So, ask for assistance from people you know and trust. Consider asking someone at your local church who volunteers.

I want to offer some tips in various areas of life that will help bring your life into balance.


*Has God sent you to the place where you are? If not, that may be why you are stressed. Sometimes we stay to long or leave to early.

*Ask God for a strategy on how to bring balance into your life.



*Make sure you take lunch outside of the office to get a break.

*Take a walk in the parking lot.

*Answer phone calls and emails at a certain time of the day so you can get work completed.

*Close your door for a few hours.


*Create a budget and follow it. Decide how much you want to save each month.

*Bring your lunch to work.

*Use coupons

*Sell items you are no longer using.



*Take a bubble bath.

*Light a candle and read

*Go on a date

*Go to the park

 About Sonya Waddell

Sonya Waddell is a Licensed Professional Counselor from Atlanta, Ga.  She is author of “Single Ladies: Living Holy in a Sexy World” (2011), which is available on Amazon.

I’m Stressed: How Do I Manage?