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(Last Updated On: October 9, 2013)
Charlene Hatshitsume, Chase Naturals

A new hair, skin and body care line, Chase Naturals, has arrived on the scene aimed at providing custom-made all natural hair care solutions for individuals struggling with hair challenges. The company’s motto, “Enhancing the Natural You, Inside and Out,” is the call to action for founder and owner, Charlene “Chase” Hashitsume, in her quest to provide natural alternatives to hair and skin care. She believes the company’s hands-on approach in developing custom-made, all natural products and its commitment to customer service sets it apart.

“Chase Naturals differs from most other natural hair and skin care product companies. We customize each customer’s order,” says the Dallas-born native.

Generally only celebrities can afford to have products custom-made to meet their needs, because the everyday consumer lacks the ability to consult with a company for custom-service based on their specific needs. However, that’s what Chase Naturals sets out to do. The company was birthed in response to Hashitsume’s years of struggling with thinning hair that was unhealthy and constantly shedding.

“I was going to different beauty shops, trying a little bit of everything, but not getting results,” says Hashitsume.

A correctional officer for the Texas Department of Corrections, she was enrolled in school to obtain a degree as a surgical tech when she shared her hair challenges with her instructors, who were chemists and pharmacists.

“I told them about my constant search for the right products for my hair and also got to talking to them about my background and my various degrees – in video production, paralegal studies and chemistry – and how I had always wanted to do my own thing and start my own business,” says Hashitsume.

In the process of brainstorming, her professors asked her if she had ever thought about creating her own hair care products and starting her own business. Combining her knowledge of chemistry with the expertise and help of her professors and $5,000 from her savings, within seven months, Chase Naturals was born.

“It wasn’t really as hard as I thought, it was all about getting the right formulas down, and after that I was good to go,” says Hashitsume.

Armed with her new reconstructive and reconditioning hair and body products, she was able to help her own mother recover from extreme hair loss due to stress, says Hashitsume.

“In a two-year span my mother lost her job, her home and went through a divorce,” shares Hashitsume.

Her mother’s hair began thinning and within months she had lost the hair on the crown of her head. When her doctor could not find a medical cause, her hair loss was attributed to extreme stress, and medication was prescribed, according to the Houston business owner. Making a decision not to use medications for fear of side effects, her mother began using her products, and within two months started seeing her hair regrow, develop a softer texture, and get thicker, says Hashitsume. Not only has her mother’s hair been restored with use of her custom-made products, says Hashitsume, she has seen improvement in the health and condition of her own hair.

“The thinning, shedding and constant breaking off–all that stopped,” says Hashitsume.

She also has received positive responses from a growing list of customers regarding her natural hair care products. After the many years of struggling to find a solution to her hair challenges, Hashitsume wishes the idea of developing her own products had come to mind sooner, but is thankful it did.

“Everything has its timing and I am grateful for the opportunity,” she says.

She believes that everything is falling in place at the right time, even her years of bouncing about pursuing different career fields.

“I actually feel that it paid off, taking those different avenues, because I can use the knowledge and skills I have obtained to create my own legal contracts, do my own commercials, and create my own products,” says Hashitsume.

She also believes her recent decision to join the Bethel’s Place Black Chamber of Commerce is part of that timing and describes it as “one of the best moves” she’s ever made.

“The other members make you feel like you are a part of the family with the warm phone calls and the support,” she says.

Hashitsume credits the exposure and assistance she has received from the BPBCC with pointing her in the right direction. Says Hashitsume, “There is always someone there to help guide you along the way.”

Leaving her career as a correctional offer behind to focus on her business full time, she is poised to position her company for success and also recently applied for The Workshop at Macy’s program, an intensive, approximately week-long series of workshops designed to mentor minority and women-owned business owners.

She has only just begun and also will introduce a natural weight loss supplement in tea and pill form and baby care line as a part of her selection of products this year. From your hair to your skin to your body, Chase Naturals seems to have it all covered.

“I have something for everyone,” says Hashitsume. “Just try us out and be impressed.”

Chase Naturals