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(Last Updated On: December 11, 2013)

By Kim Roxie, owner of LAMIK Beauty

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Kim Roxie

There are plenty of opportunities ahead however, do we look like we are ready for the task? Is there room for improvement to resemble the Powerful look that is needed to gain respect in the Boardroom  or Classroom? We wear Power suits to work and interviews contain certain colors that send different non verbal cues. Though when it comes to Makeup we minimize the importance.

Well, I am Kim Roxie your Power Player, and I have news for you, your look has everything to do with your perceived Power! This is your Future starting now…Empower Your Look!

Educate yourself on the compliment colors and textures for your skin tone and type.  Schedule a consultation with a Licensed Esthetician or Makeup Artist to gain recommendations on how to achieve the look and gain insight on the best tips for you.

Manage your time, to make room in the morning for Makeup. Give yourself at least 10-15 minutes to do your practiced Makeup routine recommended by your Beauty Professional.

Prepare the night before.  Have your products and supplies ready for a seamless execution.

Obtain advice from your Beauty Professional every 3-6 months to maintain relevance and trend with your look.

Wear a winning smile.

Enhance the quality of your supplies. Keeping a high end look takes high quality products, Invest into your Power mark!

Reveal your Powerful look daily and take a Professional  headshot yearly to update your community and contacts with your ever evolving Powerful look!

About Contributor Kim Roxie:

Kim Roxie is a celebrated Beauty Expert & Enthusiast. She is the Creative Director of LAMIK Beauty and a highly proclaimed LAMIK Beauty customer also. She believes in the LAMIK Mantra, Beauty is Revealed, not applied. Being featured with her expertise in Essence and Ebony Magazine and also CNN News. Roxie has realized she has a message to share. Follow her on Twitter: @kimroxie join her on Facebook Kim Roxie and send your questions and encouragement to kimroxie@lamik-beauty.com.

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