Rescued By Love

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(Last Updated On: January 30, 2015)

Author Kendra Y. Adams shares her journey of discovery of the depth of God’s love in her recently published book, Rescued By Love.

Rescued By Love is a powerful book that testifies of how God’s love can transform your ife from one of hopelessness to hope, from despair to faith, from fear to love.  Raised in a home with domestic violence and giving birth at the age of 15, the author shares how the love of God delivered her from a pit of anger, fear, condemnation, rejection and low-self worth.

In the following interview, the author talks about her passion to share the love of Christ with others seeking to be made whole.

Tell us about your book?

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Author Kendra Y. Adams

Rescued by Love is a testament of God’s Love and I hope that everyone who reads it will receive the prevailing message that God’s Love is Unconditional, Unending and Unfailing. His love can deliver you out of any situation or any dark area in your life.

In the beginning of the book, I talk about the power of a testimony. Growing up we use to have what we called “Testimony Service”. In this service we testified about what God had done for us so that 1) It could give glory to God and 2) It could be an encouragement to somebody else.

When I wrote this book, I had those two things in mind…Giving glory to God & encouraging somebody else who may be in a place in their lives where they feel discouraged and like nobody loves them – not even God.

I believe people are looking for transparency and we need to get back to sharing our stories. Testimonies are effective and they are powerful, that’s what witnessing is about. It is not necessarily throwing a ton of scriptures at somebody, but simply sharing what Jesus did for you, and in that, you can still share the word of God,

Secondly, in this book I make reference to God’s Unconditional, Unending and Unfailing Love. These are the characteristics of “the God kind of love” that I’ve personally experienced.

How did you come up with idea for this book?

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve shared my testimony and someone has said that it needs to be in a book. It just so happens that I love to write and God began to give me a desire to write my story.

He gave me the title of this book about 3 years ago, but I didn’t attempt to start writing this book until the beginning of last year. After getting only a couple of chapters drafted, this book went into what I call a paralyzed state (some people call it writer’s block). Whatever it was, I couldn’t compose in writing what needed to be said in this book.

On 9/2/14, I was laid off my job and it wasn’t even a month later that this book was birthed.

What was the most difficult aspect of writing this book?

Once I stepped into the “season” to write this book and God began speaking to me, it was easy to write. I found myself in a writing marathon and completed the book in two days. I know that sounds unbelievable. Of course the book was edited and tweaked here and there, but for the most part, the content of the book was birthed in two days which was amazing to me.

What valuable lessons do you want readers to learn from your book?

  1. I don’t care how ugly your past or present situation is, God can take it and use it for His glory if you allow Him to.
  2. Unless hurt is healed, it will manifest negatively in your life.
  3. Forgive so that you can be free to live – release those who have wronged you and allow God to heal you.
  4. God is a God of restoration. He will “fix” your life to the point that you don’t look like you’ve ever been broken.

Who are your favorite authors?

Geesh! So many … but I would have to say Joyce Meyer and Dr. Myles Munroe are at the top my list of favorite authors.

What book(s) are you reading now?

The Road to Redemption by Lucinda Cross

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About Kendra Y. Adams

Kendra Y. Adams is a wife, mother, administrator and co-founder (alongside her husband) of Heaven on Earth Marriage Ministry, a community-based ministry that encourages, enlightens and empowers marriages.  She is a minister and teacher of the gospel, certified Christian counselor and mentor.  With more than 20 years in ministry, Adams loves to serve and has held various leadership positions in marriage, women’s, youth and music ministries.

Rescued By Love