Simplify Your Life with Estell Porter: Be Outstanding

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(Last Updated On: June 19, 2014)

Part 1 of the series “How to Live a Stress-Free Life” focused on developing an attitude of gratitude.  This week we focus on the second part in the series: Be Outstanding.

To be outstanding, you simply choose to be the best you that you can be right now, TODAY. You do this by releasing all your baggage (guilt, shame, regret, unrealistic expectations) to unburden yourself. We cannot change the past.

Be Present in the NOW!
It can be very easy to look back at yesterday and punish yourself for what you deem as mistakes. It can be even easier to anticipate all the options and worries that tomorrow may bring. Learn to actually live in and enjoy each moment. Stop and take pleasure in what you are doing today. This one concept can truly be the key to success and living a stress-free life.

Life is A Journey
Life is not a dress rehearsal – you only get one shot on this journey. You deserve to be the person you want to be and enjoy the things that matter to you. If you don’t know what you want, then spend time finding out. Make sure you give your true desires the focus that they deserve – and do it now.

Use Your Words Wisely
Words are powerful. This means that you can improve your life with the power of your thoughts and words. We constantly have ‘a tape playing in our heads’. What you say in your mind is what you get in your life!
Words, when said in a particular way, negative or positive, affect the subconscious mind and determine its actions. Remember the power of your words, spoken and unspoken. The words you use with others may heal, influence or become the secret to their success!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up
Each day, be the best you, you can be. Don’t beat yourself up about what you did or didn’t do yesterday. Focus on today and being the best you can be today. Tomorrow – well you can think about that when it arrives. (Smile, it never does.)

Learn From Experience
Life is a lesson and we have choices to make every moment. Learn from, don’t regret, any of your past experiences. It is those experiences that have made you the fantastic person that you are.

Take Action
We may have read all the books, think we know exactly what to do, but without taking the action, it is as if we don’t really know at all. For to know, is to do. Make decisions and take the action that is going to give you a result. If you have struggled in the past to make decision, take time out to just surrender and go with what just ‘feels’ right. This means your decisions are always in keeping with your true life purpose.

Respect Yourself
Give respect, especially to yourself. Look in the mirror, love and be proud of yourself. What is, IS! Be honest with yourself and you will find a proportional link between that honesty and your self-respect. When you truly respect yourself, then and only then can you really respect, understand and accept others.

Practice “I Am Enough” Advertisers “bank” on our dissatisfaction. Actually they help create it. Advertisers consistently tell us need more than we have. That what we are or have is not good enough and that this new thing, pill or procedure will make us feel better, be more attractive, or be happier. There is nothing wrong with having more, but everything is wrong with more having us (more being the driving force in our lives). We should use things and love people, starting with ourselves. Realize that who you are, is who you are and then choose to love yourself unconditionally, just the way you are.

So say, “I Am Enough” out loud until you believe it.
Mindset Coach

Simplify Your Life with Estell Porter: Be Outstanding