Afro-Mexicans – A Forgotten People

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(Last Updated On: December 5, 2016)

All photos courtesy of Bethel’s Global Reach.

GOING – DOING: Bethel’s Global Reach, Inc. (BGR) President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pastor Marcus Holman was recently on mission to Roca Blanca, Mexico. While there, his team ministered to the forgotten Afro-Mexican people that have been living in the region since the 16th century.

These grossly neglected individuals and families originated from Africa. In the early years of transatlantic slave trade, the Spanish brought Africans to Mexico on slave ships to work in the agrarian, cotton, sugar and silver industries often under brutal conditions.

During South America’s colonial period, two slave ships crashed off the coast of Mexico. The surviving slaves fled into the high mountain ranges. Over the years, the now free slaves co-mingled with indigenous Indians establishing communities, families and a unique culture of dance, music and song.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until 2016 that the Afro-Mexican population was included in Mexico’s census totaling 1.5 million. And, yet they are still not recognized by the Mexican constitution, and therefore garner zero government assistance or support.

They remain a largely unreached group speaking over 152 dialects. Thus, organizations such as BGR are a welcomed site whenever they show up.

“During my trip, we evangelized and encouraged these wonderful people,” commented Pastor Holman.

Pastor Holman and Bethel’s Global Reach next mission trip is to the impoverished island of Haiti; January 5-9, 2017. During the Haiti mission trip, BGR will be delivering much needed humanitarian supplies in the wake of the recently devastating hurricane Matthew.

Matthew caused massive damage in the southern coast of Haiti leaving more than 1400 dead and over 200,000 displaced. BGR will be taking medicines, clothing, non-perishable foods supplies, tools, bedding and shoes as well as many other material necessities to the region.

BGR maintains a very active domestic and international annual mission’s calendar. They are continuously welcoming aboard individuals, corporations, business professionals and organizations to GO on mission or provide support. You can become a BGR partner by clicking on the following links:

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Afro-Mexicans – A Forgotten People