I Can Only Imagine – Movie Review

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(Last Updated On: March 26, 2018)

Rating: 5-stars 

The wife and I took time out of our leisurely Saturday afternoon to take in dinner and a movie. Dinner was ok, but the movie, ‘I Can Only Imagine,’ was a home run; we loved it.

There is something very special about this movie besides the fact that it is based on a true story. Previous reviews do not give this faith-based film the high acclaim and justice it clearly deserves. A true testament to its family and avid movie-goer appeal was its opening weekend $17.1 million nationwide box-office-shattering of anticipated expectations.

The Movie’s cast of stars ranges from a group of talented and gift youngsters to seasoned veterans:

Broadway’s J. Michael Finley is performing in his film debut as lead singer of the Christian band MercyMe, Bart Millard
Brody Rose portrays a very likable Young Bart
Highly acclaimed and veteran actor Dennis Quaid is Bart’s father, Arthur Millard
Oscar®-winner Cloris Leachman is Bart’s grandmother, Meemaw
A young, attractive and experienced Madeline Carroll is Bart’s girlfriend, Shannon
Taegen Burns is a young cute Shannon
Platinum-selling country music legend Trace Adkins is MercyMe’s manager, Scott Brickell
Author and actress Priscilla Shirer is Bart’s teacher, Mrs. Fincher
Actress, producer, writer, and director Nicole DuPort is Amy Grant
Jake B. Miller is Michael W. Smith
Mark Furze is Nathan

The movie depicts a real-life Bart Millard who wrote what is now the most-played radio single in Christian music history. ‘I Can Only Imagine’ brings home in a powerful way the heart-gripping story behind the record-breaking MercyMe band song. Movie goers will find it to be a tearfully emotional reminder of the power of true forgiveness and redemption.

This Christian-themed biopic is directed by Jon and Andrew Erwin. the Erwin Brothers, are American Christian film directors, screenwriters and film producers. They were pleasantly surprised with the overnight success of ‘I Can Only Imagine’ noting that the film finished third during its inaugural weekend just below reigning box office hit ‘Black Panther’ and new release ‘Tomb Raider,’ and above the highly marketed Disney film ‘A Wrinkle In Time.’

The Erwin Brothers were masterful in creating this surprise box-office hit. ‘I Can Only Imagine’ is well worth checking out alone, on a date night or with the entire family.

I Can Only Imagine – Movie Review