15-0 Anyone? MVP Pending

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(Last Updated On: December 22, 2015)

Can you believe it!? The Carolina Panthers are 14-0. They are definitely breathing rare air right about now. Of course EM Sports got it right once again, but it definitely wasn’t easy this past Sunday against the “hapless” NY Giants.

So what does the EM Sports’ crystal ball see in store next for Carolina?

Photo Credit: ftw.usatoday.com

With their undefeated season still intact, the Carolina Panthers remain No. 1 in the NFL Power Rankings.

However, to get to 14-0, Carolina had to depend on a last second field goal off the reliable foot of their kicker, Graham Gano. Still in all – a win is a Win!

And, how about “Mr. Can Do” Cam Newton; can anyone say MVP! Just think about it; to get to 14-0, Cam Newton logged yet another NFL record setting performance by becoming the first player in NFL history to rush for 100 yards, throw for 5 TDs and 300+ passing yards (340 to be exact) in the same game.

The Giants were loaded for bear in the second half and almost played the spoilers this past Sunday. So, on a day when the Panthers defense was a little bit off, Cam Newton was on his game because that is what the elite leaders do; they figure out a way to win.

After victomizing their Division rivals the Atlanta Falcons two Sundays ago in a 38-0 shellacking, and now facing Atlanta once again this coming Sunday, Carolina is an almost certainty to go 15-0. But, as all football fans and odds-makers know – on any given Sunday…

Having clinched the NFC Southern Division at 14-0, Carolina continues to play as a Team on a Mission to not settle for nothing less than NFL Greatness and a Super Bowl Ring.

Remaining Regular Season Line-up: Falcons (7-7); Buccaneers (6-8).

Will Carolina beat the Falcons again this coming Sunday and realize a History Setting 15-0 record on the season? Cast your VOTE Below:

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15-0 Anyone? MVP Pending