NFL’s No. 1 Power Ranked Team

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(Last Updated On: December 1, 2015)

The short list of NFL undefeated going into week 13 just go shorter with the New England Patriots going down in OT to the resurgent Denver Broncos. Yes! That’s right, Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers continue to hold their own against the odds makers as King of the Gridiron.  They now reign supreme in the NFL as the team to beat, and they are taking on all comers.

So – with 5 games remaining on most teams regular season schedule, EM Sports offers the following take on the only NFL undefeated:

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Congrats Carolina Panthers! – Now No. 1 in the NFL Power Rankings, and the only Undefeated Team going into week 13: Carolina continues to prove week-in and week-out that they are the real deal. The CP-3D Defense did it again forcing 3 Romo pics with 2 going for TDs while allowing the Cowboys a meager 31 total yards rushing. With Tony Romo back, and the Cowboys leaning on home field advantage at AT&T Stadium; who could have seen this coming – a 33-14 shellacking of “America’s Team” on Thanksgiving Day. Well – truth be told, the EM Sports voters got this one right on the money. Coming into their first ever Thanksgiving Day appearance, the Carolina Panthers were seen as underdogs to Dallas dispite their perfect record. So another week of all around kudos to the Panthers’ defense who set the table for the Panthers’ steady and dependable “Cam Newton lead offense” to put the game away early. Going back to their regular season win streak at the end of last year, Cam Newton and the Pathers are an impressive franchise record setting 15-0. Now standing alone atop the entire NFL, EM Sports sees Carolina staying undefeated with yet another victory in their upcoming re-match this season with the Saints. As long as they don’t get ahead of themselves, this Carolina Team could actually run the table and go 16-0 through the regular season. Keep hope alive Pathers.
Next Three Weeks Line-up: Saints (4-7); Falcons (6-5); Giants (5-6).

Will Carolina beat the Saint this coming Sunday and go 12-0 on the seaseon? Cast your VOTE Below:

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NFL’s No. 1 Power Ranked Team