NFL – The Undefeated

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(Last Updated On: November 17, 2015)

Well – EM Sports called it. The short list of NFL undefeated going into week 11 consist of both the predictable and the totally unexpected. The remaining perfect season teams are an impressive 9-0. On the list not surprisingly is the New England Patriots who continue on their quest for perfection and a Superbowl homecoming.

And what a thoroughly “over the top” weekend of last second turnarounds games that loyal fans where blessed with not withstanding the surprising win on Monday Night Football by the resurgent Houston Texans over a formerly undefeated Cincinnati Bengals team on their home turf. With 7 games remaining on most teams regular season schedule, EM Sports offers the following take on the last of the NFL undefeated:

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The New England Patriots: talk about nail bitters! New England eked out a win over a determined New York Giants team; 27-26. The Giants should have won this one and brought New England’s undefeated season to an end. Their only mistake was they left a few too many ticks on the clock for Tom Brady and the Patriots offense who are second to no one when there is at least a minute or two left on the clock. Tom “the 2-minute Magic Man” commanded the Patriots down the field where with a mere few seconds on the clock a clutch 54 yard field goal kept the “rope-a-dope Patriots perfect season in tact. Talk about devine intervention; the New England Patriots remain the odds-on favorite to repeat as Superbowl Champs.
Next Three Weeks Line-up: Bills (5-4); Broncos (7-2); Eagles (4-5).

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The Carolina Panthers: Surprise – Surprise – Surprise!  Hello naysayers. I bet none of the football pundents saw this coming; a record setting 9-0 Carolina Pathers team. Carolina has already won more games this year then they did all of last season where they stood atop the NFC South Division as division champs sporting a losing 7-8-1 record. So what makes this season so different? For one thing, Cam Newton continues to prove he is the real deal; a top-tier quarterback and spirited team leader. Plus – the Panthers’ stingy defense showed up once again feeding off an impressive offensive performance this past Sunday to decisively defeat the Tennesee Titans 27-10. Yes – Cam Newton and the Pathers remain a force to be reckoned with, but can they really pull it off? Who really knows, but there remains this one unequivocal fact – they continue to win, even the close ones. Based on their next three opponents, EM Sports sees Carolina solidly on the road to at least 11-0.
Next Three Weeks Line-up: Redskins (5-4); Cowboys (2-7); Saints (4-6).

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NFL – The Undefeated