Affordable Texas Retreat: Shady Oaks Cabins

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(Last Updated On: August 20, 2015)

by Victoria Richards

Summertime in Texas is the perfect season for a special family getaway. With scorching temperatures and children anticipating the start of school, everyone may feel a bit restless. A nice mini-vacation will help you cope with Houston heat and also give the kids something to do instead of being cooped up inside the house.

My family and I found a great little escape close to home. Shady Oaks Cabins in Fairfield, Texas is a charming vacation campsite for families seeking a budget-friendly yet safe environment to bond and create memories with their loved ones. Equipped with furnished cabins, RV hook ups and a modest but adorable fishing pond, my family and I found plenty of activities to partake in at Shady Oaks.


When planning for our vacation, we had to tackle some common obstacles; the first one being cost. Things tend to get very pricey when planning and budgeting vacation time, but I was more than pleased with Shady Oaks Cabins accommodating prices. With rates starting as low as $59 per night for a furnished two-bedroom one-bathroom cabin, it was an accessible vacation choice that wouldn’t break the bank. While there are multiple options pertaining to cabin size and space, Shady Oaks also offers two separate quad residencies hosting 16 beds in eight different bedrooms, eight bathrooms and two furnished kitchens for under $400. My small family was able to host an entire family reunion for a steal.

Location is everything when it comes to successful traveling. It’s pivotal to working business professionals who desire to travel but don’t necessarily have the option to go across the world for some down time. Luckily for Houstonians, Shady Oaks Cabins is less than two and a half hours away. Just head up I-45 N and you’ll be on your way. This is a road-trip-friendly destination that can be great for families who would like to travel and stay in their own RV. I personally enjoyed the up close view of untouched landscape in Texas.


After you’ve settled into your cozy cabin or if you’ve already hooked up your RV to the complimentary campsite provided by Shady Oaks, you may feel inclined to enjoy some relaxing fishing time by the pond. Or if your family prefers burgers and hot dogs instead of fresh fish, I’d recommend taking advantage of the outdoor pavilion already furnished with picnic tables and fire up the grill. If you can’t convince your children to appreciate the beautiful outdoors in Texas, have no worries, Shady Oaks offers free cable television and free WiFi. Tell the kids that all hope isn’t lost. Did I forget to mention the laundry room? Yes, there’s a laundry room.

Traveling doesn’t always have to be about business. Vacationing here was like a home away from home and a breath of fresh air for my family and I. Shady Oaks can give hard working professionals in the Greater Houston area a chance to unwind and breathe in fresh air right in their own neck of the woods.

*Photos Courtesy of Shady Oaks Cabins

Affordable Texas Retreat: Shady Oaks Cabins