The Well Experience 2015 empowers singles

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(Last Updated On: June 25, 2015)

Keion Henderson Ministries and The LightHouse Church in Houston Texas hosted a singles conference on June 19 to uplift those who are In The Wait.

Keion Henderson Ministries and The LightHouse Church spent the evening inspiring and educating a little over one thousand singles who are #InTheWait. The red carpet conference titled ‘The Well Experience 2015’ was filled with inspiring speakers, entertainment, and more.

Some of the featured presenters included Pastor Mia Wright, Dr. Jasmine Sculark, Pastor Johnson of Higher Dimension Church, Dr. Irishea Hilliard, EPM recording artist Keith Williams, GRACE, and Comedian Broderick Rice- to name a few.

“Couples and family members tend to put an unpurposed pressure on single people. We naturally expect everyone to meet our timing, not their own. So, single people often feel a bit singled out. They’re not doing anything wrong. They are worthy of love and if a relationship failed in the past, it is only because God had a plan to help them understand the valley so they can better prepare for the top of the mountain,” said Pastor Henderson.

“This is just the start. As Pastor Keion said, “God is waiting for us”. He wants us to understand and begin to accept love and then He will in time work out the details.

Next year the “Well Experience Singles Conference” is going to be even larger with a two-day workshop June 17-18, 2016 dedicated to accepting ourselves, accepting love, and being able to provide love,” said Chief Operating Officer Jacqueline Williams.

The Well Experience 2015 empowers singles