• April 22, 2024

EntrepreneurshipNOW spotlight on Mechelle Williams

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Empower Magazine talks one-on-one with Houston business owner, Mechelle Williams on entrepreneurship, real estate, and her passion for helping others make their homeownership dreams come true.

Take us back to your childhood and share some key aspects of your upbringing and early aspirations.

At an early age, I was introduced to entrepreneurship by my parents. My father had a prominent construction company and my mother had a  women’s television program. My dad always kept me with him during weekly payroll and on the job site educating me as a young girl. This impacted my mind toward being an entrepreneur.

Tell us a little bit about your business.

We are an A to Z Real Estate consulting and development company. We offer our services in real estate buying and selling homes, we build new homes for sale, property management services, and investment opportunities. Don’t forget our Foundation “Never Too Early” building a financial  portfolio in Real estate investing . 

What was the inspiration behind starting your business venture?

As a young person growing up, we were not educated much on home ownership and the importance of building a real estate portfolio. As I’ve served, 22-plus years, people of all backgrounds and ages, this has inspired me to educate as many when they come back for my services for a second and third time, and moreover when they refer friends and family.  

What was your former profession and how did it prepare you for your current business venture?

At an early age, I enjoyed teaching, always playing with my four brothers in our parent’s basement. I was the teacher. I, however, graduated in nursing after graduating and working as a nurse for several years. Prior to obtaining my Realtist license, I had the pleasure of working in management and employee development for more than 5 years. This diversity prepared me to bring this experience with my personal talents and integrity, to empower, coach, and lead others to make major real estate decisions.

What person has had the greatest impact on your life and who you are today? My mentor – my mother. She has always cultivated my gifts and talents, those natural  God-given, natural qualities that make me.

In what ways has being a business owner/entrepreneur affected your family life?

Being a business owner/ entrepreneur has positively affected my day to day; it has kept my mind sharp and allowed me to teach/educate my family in managing people and the home buying process. 

What has been your greatest challenge and greatest achievement on your journey thus far?

When the CEO of a prominent homebuilder I was employed with for more than  7 years, selling 15-20 new homes, as I turned in my two-week resignation, proceeded to yell at me, I would never be successful! My greatest achievement, thus far, is overcoming the ‘No’s’ and denials until I saw everything I asked for, and so much more. Achieving levels of faith that manifests anything!

Is there anything you would say to your younger self when looking back on your journey thus far?

Always celebrate you! And never dim your light to make others love themselves.  

What do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I will be hosting monthly workshop conferences assisting others in all 50 states in wealth building. 

Interesting Facts About Interviewee 

Share the principle or motto that guides/directs your life goals and decisions.

All things are possible. You only can have what you say. 

What do you enjoy doing during your leisure time?

Traveling, reading, teaching, horseback riding … and the list could go on. I truly enjoy creating and assisting others discover a purpose-filled life for themselves.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I am a comedian daily … I just don’t get a check. I love to make others laugh. I danced with Frank Sinatra, Jr. on my prom night!


Company Name: World Changing Realty

Contact Information: worldchangingrealty@gmail.com

Facebook: @Mechelle Willams

Instagram: @mwilliams840888

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