• April 22, 2024

Houston playwright presents final chapter of “When Love” series

 Houston playwright presents final chapter of “When Love” series
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R. Renee Productions presented the final chapter in the “When Love” series with “When Love Ameliorates.” The first chapter “When Love Finds You” took playgoers on an emotional rollercoaster ride as three sisters navigate their way through distinctly different experiences of love and heartache. The second chapter, “When Love Hurts” shone the spotlight on a woman who is challenged at every turn as she seeks to restore her relationship with God

“When Love Ameliorates” rounds out the series with a woman who finds herself dealing with an avalanche of emotions, devastation and unspeakable betrayal.

At the center of the turmoil is the main character, Camilla, who arrives at the door of her therapist seeking advice on how to handle a life that is unraveling before her eyes.

As with previous plays, the audience experiences a range of emotions as scene by scene they watch the main character brave the storm that has become her life. From the ups and downs of dealing with a troubled mother/daughter relationship to the cloud of a terminal illness hanging over her life to a marriage that seems solid on the surface but is coming apart at the seams.

With her life in shambles, Camilla leans on her faith but is holding on by a thread as wave after wave of challenges threaten her resolve. The final blow comes when her “devoted” husband is pushed into a corner to reveal a long-held secret of infidelity and a hidden “love-child.”

In this emotional final chapter, playwright R. Renee once again shines the light on how, in the midst of devastation, God is the restorer of everything that seems lost and beyond redemption.

The finale play is a testament to the power of forgiveness in situations that seem to be beyond repair. Each character watches as God humbles their hearts to extend to others the compassion and forgiveness that He has given them through Jesus Christ.

At the close of the play, the audience joins the cast in a prayer that ushered in a spontaneous moment of praise that filled the theatre. In the end, love fulfilled the mission it was called to do.

Led by the talented playwright, R. Renee, the ensemble cast included Nedra Bell, Robert Ozan, Latrice Kizzee, Richard Harper, Byrona Johnson,  Dustine Nzoungou, Angelina Bell, Broderick Davis, Julia Cohen, Christina Lockett, Larry W. Robinson, Dianne Brown and Retonya Jordan.

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