• June 12, 2024

Financial Expert Tony Jackson Releases New Book

 Financial Expert Tony Jackson Releases New Book
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Charlotte, NC (May 2022) – Financial expert and author Tony Jackson is on a mission to help thousands of families to build generational wealth. One of the ways he intends to achieve that is through his powerful new book entitled Increase, Protect and Dominate Your Money.

In the book, Jackson, known as “The Real Money Coach,” shares winning strategies with readers, including information about saving, investing, retirement planning and how to implement the proper protections in the event something happens to them. These are topics he and his team address everyday with clients at his company, The Real Money Coach LLC and through his The Real Money Coach University.

A native of Muskegon, Michigan, Jackson vividly remembers growing up in a household where there was very little financial literacy, and finances were never discussed. His father was a factory worker for 38 years, possessed only an 8th grade education. His mother had a GED and his mother worked in a hospital.

“My first recollection of money was seeing my dad get off work at the factory. When he was paid, he would get a paper check, cash it and then come home and count the money on the table to my mom,” Jackson said. “Then, she would take it and pay the bills. That was it. They didn’t have credit or anything, they just worked and paid everything in cash.”

His parents were very hard-working people who did their best to provide for their family, but in a world where access to credit and financial planning is critical to building any sort of wealth, hard work alone does not stand a chance. 

Intent on breaking the cycle, Jackson attended Western Michigan University on an academic scholarship, receiving a degree in Accounting. From there, he went on to secure a job as an accounting supervisor at a leading insurance company. He was a rising star in the field that was navigating his industry at a high rate. However, at age 27, he would experience his biggest financial wakeup call when his mother passed away.

“We were sitting at the funeral home going over the costs and my mom had six life insurance policies. The actual director of the funeral home tells us that none of those policies are going to pay,” said Jackson. “I told my dad that me and my uncle would pay for it and he said you will not pay for your own mother’s funeral. If I have to get a loan against my house I will do it!”

He continued – “That is when I realized there was a great miss-education in our communities as it relates to money. Here I am with my dad and he has to borrow money from the house he built with his own hands to pay for the funeral, while living off of Social Security and worker’s comp.”

Sadly, Jackson recognizes that this reality is not unique to his parents; it is a common theme found in far too Black many households.

According to a 2021 report by Forbes, the median net worth of Black households in the U.S. in 2020 was only about $24,000. That is a far cry from the $188,000 in net worth owned by white households. Numerous studies have been published echoing news that by the year 2053, the average Black family will have zero wealth.  

For that, Jackson has four words: “Not on my watch.”

With the effects of a global pandemic still lingering, inflation, the nation’s financial involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war, and the possibilities of a recession, he says everyone should be strategically planning how to make and leverage their money.  He believes it is his responsibility as a financial advisor, which is why he wrote Increase, Protect and Dominate Your Money.

Jackson is also issuing a call for more successful people in the community to pass down their knowledge. For decades there has been a discussion on the wealth gap that exists between rich and poor in this nation, and between different racial and ethnic demographics. However, he is alerting the public to another troubling trend.

“There is a real wealth gap that has developed in our nation, and within various communities where you have the haves and the have nots,” he said.”

 “People who read my book will be empowered to save and budget, eliminate debt, have the proper insurance, proper estate planning, and will. If you don’t tell your money where to go, it will go where it wants and you will later ask, where did you go?”

For more information on Tony Jackson and to purchase his book, Increase, Protect and Dominate Your Money, visit www.tonyjackson.biz and  www.therealmoneycoach.com.

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