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Former NFL Player LaQuan Williams on a mission to help pro athletes, others, avoid pitfalls of money management

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Atlanta, GA (Aug. 25, 2020) – Former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver and Super Bowl champion LaQuan Williams is accustomed to the outrageous purchases often made by pro athletes, who splurge on everything from jewelry to foreign cars and designer clothes. Many of them, unfortunately, squander their fortunes and tumble into extreme debt.

Therefore, as an entrepreneur and the CEO of Repairful Credit Solutions, Williams is on a mission to help athletes and others to rise out of financial disarray and score another chance at a sound financial future, starting with their credit.  

“I understand that like me, many athletes who enter the league at a young age come from backgrounds of poverty,” said Williams, a native of Baltimore. “When I first got into the league I was 21, 22 years old. I ran through my money and didn’t make smart choices in the beginning, but then I told myself – ‘hey, this isn’t going to last forever,’ so I slowed down and focused on learning more about how to use my money in a positive way.”

Despite his mother working as an accountant for the Baltimore Housing Authority, Williams doesn’t recall any detailed conversations about money. Most of his financial education came from his desire to learn more as an adult, by watching YouTube videos and studying about saving, budgeting, and investing.

“My mom just told me, don’t blow your money. Don’t end up like the rest of them who spend all of their money and have nothing left,” he said. “That is good advice, but it was so general and didn’t really help me to learn the specifics of money management.”

Williams later learned that with good credit, it allowed him to not only save lots of money, but also benefit from low interest rates, access to lines of credit, approval for business loans and many other perks that cash alone cannot accomplish. In short, he now has the ability to make his financial decisions with supreme confidence, living a high quality life despite being retired from the NFL.

Now, Williams wants others to enjoy the same lifestyle. Through his company, he has helped many fellow athletes. Additionally, he has assisted people from all walks of life to achieve what they never thought was possible for themselves. They have been able to purchase new homes, new cars, start businesses and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Repairful Credit Solutions primarily focuses on credit restoration, but Williams also educates his clients on credit building and maintenance, along with strategies for proper money management and ways to make their money work for them.

“It makes me feel good to know that I am helping people to achieve the goals they have always envisioned for themselves,” he said. “That is what this is all about. I want people to understand that bad credit is not a death sentence. You can do something about it, but you have to take action, and I am here to help.”

Follow LaQuan Williams on Instagram at @laquanwilliams.

Former NFL Player LaQuan Williams on a mission to help pro athletes, others, avoid pitfalls of money management

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