• July 23, 2024

Houston-area indie filmmaker releases new suspense thriller

 Houston-area indie filmmaker releases new suspense thriller

Houston-area Filmmaker Lakisha Lemons, second from right, with cast of Kasi.

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Houston-area filmmaker, Lakisha R. Lemons, has touched on several topics in her growing body of films from the forbidden teacher/student relationship to the privileged lives of Hollywood teens to a spring break murder/kidnapping mystery. But in her latest project, “Kasi,” the talented writer/director and co-producer of the film, takes a walk on an even darker side as she introduces us to a girl-next-door who is battling inner demons that compel her to kill.

According to the film’s synopsis, Kasi is your typical girl next door. A loving mother, wife, and business woman who is battling a dangerous addiction. She owns and operates the neighborhood bakery making cupcakes with a smile until temptation causes her to give into her deepest and darkest secret. Will Kasi overcome her dark compulsions or will she give into the inner demons that trigger her to kill?

Lemons’ latest creative project is the kind of movie that leaves an imprint on your mind long after you have left the theater. It is her best work yet as she explores the world of a young woman who has sought counseling for a deep dark secret that has forced her family to live a life of constant upheaval as her deadly compulsions leave her and her husband and daughter living life on the run.

The lead character, Kasi, played by actress, Isis Alliniece Reed, echoes the madness of A Thin Line Between Love and Hate’s Brandi Web, played by Lynn Whitfield. Reed’s supreme portrayal leaves the audience both enthralled and repulsed by the inner turmoil that Kasi fights in her battle to overcome her dark inclinations.

An expert storyteller, Lemons weaves in a story of unconditional love into this deadly tale as she showcases a husband’s desperate quest to save his wife from being overtaken by her wicked compulsions. Despite his wife’s derelict behavior and actions, Kasi’s husband is driven to save her from the inner demons that threaten to derail his hopes for a normal family life with the woman and daughter that he loves.

In a Q&A following the red-carpet premiere, Lemon shares that she was inspired to write the film based on a true story involving a serial-like shooter in her Fort Bend County-area neighborhood that went unsolved.

“I would go to the grocery store and wonder to myself, ‘Hey could this be the shooter.’ The idea came to me that we can have somebody among us, who has an ordinary job and has a family and has the perfect life, almost, who has a deep dark secret, and from that came the inspiration for the film,” said Lemons.

In “Kasi,” Lemons has taken a real-life incident and spun an intriguing and suspenseful tale that shows the inner turmoil of a woman battling inner demons that bring her worse inclinations to the surface and result in deadly consequences for those who cross paths with her when she is triggered to kill.

Lemons, owner of LL Productions, LLC, has created a film that leaves an indelible mark on the mind and spirit regarding the inner demons that ordinary people may be battling that push their worst inclinations to the surface and wreak havoc on the lives of others.

“Kasi” has the goods to take top awards in film industry film festivals based on its intriguing storyline, Hollywood production-level quality, suspense-filled action and supreme acting of its leading cast members. It is definitely one of the independent films to watch for!

An Art Actualized Film Studios production in association with Emergence, Kasi is written and directed by Lakisha Lemons, produced by Alvin G. Morris and executive produced by Ray Khan and Justin Milton. The cast includes Isis Alliniece Reed, John Redlinger, Alvin G. Morris, Ian Haywood, Elisha Davis, Franchesska Melonson, Demetrius Joseph, Sean Burns, Isaiah Vaughn, Kashea Singleton, Janet Wang, T. Denise Johnston, Justin Milton, and Lisa Mattheis.

About Lakisha Lemons

Lakisha R. Lemons is an award-winning director with the closing title film at the 49th annual Worldfest International Film Festival with her faith based film “Hope.” Lemons’ is the sole founder of LL Productions, LLC; a Texas based Film/TV Production Company on the rise with title releases that include the controversial “Be My Teacher” and Border Break” written and directed by Lemons. Most recently, she produced “Charlie’s Gift,” a short film starring Academy Award-nominated-actor Bruce Davidson and Emmy Award-nominated-actress Dee Wallace. As a filmmaker, Lakisha’s goal is to tell stories that matter. Stories that captivate the audience and leave an impact.

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