• May 28, 2024

Celebrity Credit Guru James Hunt Gets Boxing Star Devin Haney Ready for His Next Knockout Move

 Celebrity Credit Guru James Hunt Gets Boxing Star Devin Haney Ready for His Next Knockout Move
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Boxing Star Devin Haney is currently preparing for his blockbuster fight on April 20th with opponent and social media sensation Ryan Garcia. However, in the lead-up to the bout, he is also handling some important business matters, calling on his secret weapon, Celebrity Credit Guru James Hunt to get him financially prepared for his next level of stardom.

Hunt, who has been at the top of the credit repair game for over a decade is known for helping A-list celebrities to keep their money and credit scores in order as they prepare for extravagant purchases and major business moves. On his long, star-studded list of clients are people like Will Smith, Usher, Cardi B, Jamie Foxx, Akon, Michael B. Jordan, and Taraji P. Henson. Last week he met with Haney at his Las Vegas mansion, where the 25-year-old is currently staying during training camp as he prepares for the heavily anticipated bout. With a record of 31-0, the match is expected to garner the undefeated star a major payday, and with his sights on another victory, Haney reached out to Hunt to make sure his credit and finances are in tip top shape.

“I actually first connected with Devin two years ago when he reached out to me to help him secure the $5 million mansion he lives in now,” Hunt said. “Now, he is planning on buying an even more luxurious mansion in either Beverly Hills or Miami, so he requested I come to Las Vegas to address some things so he will have no problems securing it. As soon as we hung up the phone, I booked flights for me and my staff and we were on our way out there. I am excited for him. He is a young man who is handling his business the right way and has a ton of success ahead of him. He understands that even with all of that money, credit is king.”

As a token of appreciation, Haney gifted Hunt with a signed pair of boxing gloves to add to his collection of sports memorabilia.

It is well known that Hunt typically stays tucked away in the Atlanta area at one of his estates, meeting with clients who travel to see him. When he does travel, however, it is usually for coast-to-coast meetings and house calls with stars. After working with Haney, Hunt will also be visiting Usher, who remains on a historic wave of success that includes his historic Las Vegas residency, Super Bowl performance, and new album.

Recognizing that 70% of athletes go broke within three years of retirement, as well as a large number of other entertainers, Hunt emphasizes how important it is that celebrities protect their wealth by educating themselves and leveraging the power of credit. He has helped thousands of celebrities and everyday people over the years, and he is always excited to see members of the younger generation taking credit more seriously.

“Credit should always be a priority, especially for those attempting to build wealth. It does not matter how much money you have,” Hunt said. “Everything you could possibly do financially is ten times easier with excellent credit. Devin has learned that. Instead of just watching the fight, people need to also watch the smart decisions he is making and use that as an example.”

To keep up with James Hunt, follow him on Instagram at @whoisjameshunt.

Credit Guru James Hunt Gets Boxing Star Devin Haney Ready for His Next Knockout Move 

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