• May 28, 2024

Producer and Actor Brandon Lee’s “Quik Money” Claims Number One Spot on Tubi

 Producer and Actor Brandon Lee’s “Quik Money” Claims Number One Spot on Tubi
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Brandon Lee is a man of many dimensions. Already a successful financial and real estate entrepreneur, the multi-faceted professional is now shaking things up in the independent film space as an investor, executive producer, and actor. The latest example is his film, “Quik Money,” which recently peaked as the #1 streamed movie on Tubi with ten million streams in the first month.

Directed by Ron Elliott, Jr. and executive produced by Lee and his production company, Brandon Lee Films, “Quik Money” follows a hustler who desires to escape trouble by starting a legitimate tax business, only to end up right back where he started. The film stars Jamal Woolard, Donald Brumfeld, Ciera Angelia, Sarah “Chyna” Evalt, Montreal Diggs, Crystal The Doll, new breakout talent Michael Lee, Superstar Peezy, and Lee, who plays a sharp dressing attorney.

“The movie is loosely based on the time when I owned Tax offices,” Lee said. “And of course, from there, I went on to start businesses in finance, real estate, and now film.”

Lee’s journey into becoming a film investor, producer and actor began by connecting with his good friend Ron Elliott Jr., who needed funding for a previous project, “Die Willie Die,” completed in 2022. With Lee’s strong financial background, he was able to help to deliver the film and the project was a success.

During that process, Lee himself was bitten by the acting bug and decided he wanted to produce and appear in a film partially based on his experiences in the tax industry. Elliott introduced him to Dennis Reed II, head of the Detroit-based D2 productions, to produce the film that would later become “Quik Money.”  Both Elliott and Reed provided support and guidance with everything from building the cast, to scouting locations for the film, shot primarily in Detroit. Since then, they have worked on other projects together. Now, Lee is seeking to Make Brandon Lee Films a major player in the indie film industry.

“I am just keeping my eyes and ears open by doing research, watching the news, social media, and drawing from my experiences and the experiences of people I come across,” Lee said. 

Brandon Lee, Executive Producer
Brandon Lee, “Quik Money” Executive Producer

“I really took a page out of 50 Cent’s book. I am partnering with good writers and producers and traveling to new markets to shoot movies. I am working on a five-movie deal right now in Dallas, and I am doing more films and a TV series with Dennis Reed. I want to become the bank in the movie industry on the low budget side until a major company recognizes the value that I bring and sees how I’m moving.”

“Quik Money” is available for streaming now on Tubi – www.quikmoneymovie.com.  For updates and to keep up with Brandon Lee, follow him on Instagram at @brandon_thebrand_lee.


Producer and Actor Brandon Lee’s “Quik Money” Claims Number One Spot on Tubi

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