• April 22, 2024

Houston Couple “The Shelton’s” make history providing affordable luxury housing in overlooked communities

 Houston Couple “The Shelton’s” make history providing affordable luxury housing in overlooked communities
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Kevan & Ayesha Shelton, Founders of Park Street Homes, and African American community leaders in Houston, are making history providing families with the opportunity to have a piece of the American pie. The couple is well known in the community for providing affordable luxury housing opportunities in overlooked communities. The couple recently launched a campaign with Start Engine, making the couple the first traditional home builders to leverage the Start Engine platform, expanding their operations to provide more opportunities/ homes in and outside of Houston, TX.

Historically the process to offer “Company Shares” to the public is a lengthy and complex process. The Shelton’s recently partnered with Start Engine, a premium crowd-funding platform, to offer “Company Shares” of the Park Street Homes organization to the public. Unlike other crowd funding platforms, Start Engine has an extensive vetting process, and Park Street Homes is the first traditional home builder to be approved to use the platform. As the first traditional home builder to raise equity capital through the Reg CF (Regulation Crowdfunding) process via Start Engine, Park Street Homes is breaking new ground and paving the way for a more inclusive and democratic approach to wealth building.

“The statistics surrounding access to capital for small home builders are striking. Historically, these builders have faced numerous challenges in securing the necessary funds to scale their operations and fuel growth. Lack of capitalization has been a recurring theme, leading to the demise of many promising home builders and construction companies throughout history.” Kevan & Ayesha Shelton

The impact of Park Street Homes’ pioneering move cannot be overstated. By embracing the Reg CF process and SPV vehicles, they are creating a paradigm shift that will unlock a wealth of possibilities for other home builders and construction companies. This breakthrough will enable them to tap into a broader investor base, including the general public, at lower valuation stages. The democratization of wealth building is no longer a distant dream but a tangible reality within reach.

The significance of this achievement extends beyond Park Street Homes itself. It signals a transformative era for the home building industry, where the barriers that once limited growth and stifled innovation are being shattered. The Reg CF process and SPV vehicles offer a new path forward, empowering traditional and established businesses to access the capital needed for expansion, job creation, and economic growth.

Park Street Homes is not only chartering new territory for home builders and construction companies, but their home product offerings will also serve the consumers that were able to reap the benefits of the economic growth. Park Street Homes community approach to building and selling their developments, caters to your everyday hometown heroes such as teachers, nurses, fire fighters and construction workers providing them with the opportunity to participate in the American Dream.

About Park Street Homes:

Park Street Homes, is a Houston based Premier Home Builder. The company is committed to creating more housing opportunities in the heart of major cities. Park Street Homes firmly believes that everyone deserves access to safe and high-quality housing. By prioritizing urban development, Park Street Homes seeks to enrich communities, stimulate economic growth, and offer individuals and families the chance to live in vibrant and convenient neighborhoods. Our mission is to contribute to the fabric of these metropolitan areas by providing thoughtfully designed, sustainable homes that cater to the unique demands of modern city living. Through our dedicated approach to revitalizing and collaborating on development projects, we aim to make a positive impact and shape the future of these dynamic cityscapes.

Houston Couple “The Shelton’s” make history providing affordable luxury housing in overlooked communities

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