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“Jessica Rabbiit” Inspires Style and Success with her Company J.D. Stones

 “Jessica Rabbiit” Inspires Style and Success with her Company J.D. Stones

Jessica Daniels (AKA “Jessica Rabbiit”), J.D. Stones CEO

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Just one look at the website for apparel and accessories company J.D. Stones, and it becomes evident that the brand revolves around “bling.” Two rabbits pull up to a mansion in Bugattis and emerge sparkling from head to toe with bags of money in hand. On the surface, the imagery may signal materialism. However, CEO Jessica Daniels, also known as “Jessica Rabbiit,” says the message is much deeper than that. It is to inspire people to dream big, make wise choices, be financially responsible, and to be unapologetically bold while doing so.

Born on the west side of Detroit, Daniels grew up exposed to the streets, drug dealers, and people focused on making fast money. Still, while many of her peers looked up to those individuals as role models and symbols of success, Daniels looked elsewhere. Success stories such as Tyler Perry, who lived in his car until his Madea stage play became a hit, intrigued her more.

“I lost friends who got shot in 6th grade and in high school because of bad decisions and who they were hanging around,” said the 29-year-old. “I knew I didn’t want my story to end like that. I wanted to be successful and live to enjoy my success.”

Daniels’ mother, father and grandmother all worked for the government at 36th District Court. In addition, her mother was an entrepreneur who baked pies and cakes, was a caterer, and a gardener who people often called on for help to beautify their lawns. Daniels followed suit by getting a job at the post office at age 20. Additionally, since the age of 16, she had been working alongside her older brother, a well-known celebrity designer in Detroit, helping to design shoes and accessories for his clients. It was not long before she became so good that he would depend on her to complete projects as his business grew. Her brother became her first real client.

“I was working on projects for Mike Epps, Kierra Sheard, Karen Clark Sheard, and the big people in Detroit,” she said. “I was doing their accessories and shoes. They loved my work, but they didn’t even know that I made it.”

That all changed when Daniels decided to go into business for herself. She started designing customized, bedazzled shoes, creating accessories, and she unveiled her signature “Bling Bunnies,” two stuffed rabbits that have become the hallmark of her brand. The highly requested plushies can be seen on Daniels’ Instagram page appearing at the hottest events, meeting celebrities, and traveling to different domestic and international locations.

In October 2022, J.D. Stones was fully activated, and with that, Daniels began to fully embody her nickname, Jessica Rabbiit, which was given to her as a child by her uncle – inspired by the character from Roger Rabbit. Today, J.D. Stones offers T-shirts, custom-made shoes, accessories, pillows, compression shorts, sports gear, and many other products. Figures like Jennifer Hudson, Carl Thomas, “Lelee” from SWV, and Tasha Paige Lockhart (BET’s Sunday Best winner) are among those who have been seen with her creations. Still, she is not done. Coming soon are books, a video game, and cartoon animation.

Building J.D. Stones has taken hard work, patience, and financial discipline – all qualities Daniels hopes to reinforce in young people. She speaks at schools to share with youth how to create the lives they desire without falling into life’s trappings. Daniels suffered the untimely deaths of her fiancé the night before they were to be married. Her mother passed away only a year and a half later, right before her 21st birthday. Therefore, she encourages others to embrace the moment, while being responsible and planning for the future.

“Dream Big! No dream is Too Big. If you want to be the next Elon Musk, you can set that goal and achieve it. But you have to understand what it takes to get you there and do it,” she said. “That is what J.D. Stones is about. It is about having an abundance mindset and living a lifestyle of successful habits – which means staying away from negativity, making smart financial decisions, and living life to the fullest.”

To learn more about J.D. Stones, visit the website at https://www.jdstonesbling.com/. For updates on Jessica Daniels (Jessica Rabbiit), follow her on Instagram at @j.d.stones.

“Jessica Rabbiit” Inspires Style and Success with her Company J.D. Stones

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