• June 12, 2024

Sipping PositiviTea Launches New Initiative

 Sipping PositiviTea Launches New Initiative
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Sipping PositiviTea,  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to supporting those affected by breast cancer, announces a dynamic event aimed at enhancing mental health and community connection. This initiative will provide critical support not only for survivors but also for caregivers who play an essential role in the journey through breast cancer.

At the heart of this gathering is Dr. Jacque Colbert, the founder and CEO of Sipping PositiviTea, who believes strongly in the power of supportive communities to enhance mental well-being, especially for individuals navigating the challenges of breast cancer.

“Our goal is to build a network of strength and resilience,” explains Dr. Colbert. “We’re not just gathering for a meal; we’re uniting for a cause.”

The impact of community support on the mental well-being of breast cancer patients cannot be understated. Research has consistently shown that patients with strong social support experience better psychological outcomes. For instance, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that breast cancer patients with robust social networks had a 58% lower risk of mortality and a 54% lower risk of recurrence compared to those with weaker social ties. Furthermore, the American Cancer Society highlights that engaging in community support groups can provide emotional encouragement, decrease feelings of isolation, and increase feelings of empowerment and control. These groups often offer a platform for sharing experiences and advice, significantly enhancing patients’ coping mechanisms during and after treatment. This statistical evidence underscores the vital role that community and social support play in not only enhancing the quality of life but also in potentially improving the survival outcomes for breast cancer patients.

This event promises an atmosphere filled with positive energy, where attendees can engage in meaningful discussions, share their stories, and gain insight into maintaining their mental health amidst their battles with breast cancer. It is an opportunity to laugh, learn, and lean on each other in a setting that promises to be both uplifting and inspiring.

Scheduled to take place during Mental Health Awareness Month, on May 4th at Trez Wine Bar  Grill, the Big Energy Brunch aligns with the mission of spreading positivity and ensuring that no one faces their journey alone. Dr. Colbert adds, “This brunch is a cornerstone of our initiative this month, aiming to ignite hope and spread positivity across our community.”

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about this impactful event, visit www.sippingpositivitea.org. Here, you can also explore how Sipping PositiviTea continuously works to impact the community positively and set an example for others to emulate. Whether you are directly affected by breast cancer or wish to support someone who is, the Big Energy Brunch is an ideal venue to connect and make a real difference.

So, join us at the Big Energy Brunch. It is more than a meal; it is a chance to contribute to a meaningful cause, meet remarkable people, and be part of a community that cares deeply. Do not miss this opportunity to enrich your life and others’ by celebrating survival, resilience, and the power of coming together.

Sipping PositiviTea Launches New Initiative: Promoting Mental Health Awareness at the Big Energy Brunch

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