• May 28, 2024

Kevan & Ayesha Shelton Announce the 2024 Black Men Buy Houses Works

 Kevan & Ayesha Shelton Announce the 2024 Black Men Buy Houses Works
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The highly anticipated Black Men Buy Houses Workshop, led by Kevan and Ayesha  Shelton, is set to launch its 2024 season on May 11th  from 12 pm to 4 pm.  This  workshop is pivotal in helping Black men achieve homeownership. A recent article from Black Enterprise highlights a notable trend where Black  women are increasingly outpacing Black men in homeownership rates, despite facing various socioeconomic challenges. While Black women have made significant strides in securing homes, Black men continue   to   lag   behind,

primarily due to systemic barriers. These  include stringent credit requirements and racial discrimination in housing and lending markets, which disproportionately affect Black men’s access to essential homeownership resources. This disparity emphasizes the urgent  need for targeted policy interventions and community support  programs designed to address these challenges and support Black men in their pursuit of homeownership.

The importance of initiatives like those led by the Shelton’s is highlighted by the success of their 2023 event, which facilitated 15 homeownership transactions. Such achievements showcase the transformative impact of dedicated real estate education and support, affirming the Sheltons’ commitment to create economic empowerment among Black men through real estate.

Among last year’s success stories is Nadim Sammur, who purchased his home following the 2023 event. Reflecting on his experience, Nadim said,

Attending the event provided eye-opening insights on financial literacy and investments, making the decision to purchase a no-brainer. Despite initial credit challenges, market trends indicated it was the right time to buy. Working with Ayesha made the home buying process seamless; her dedication, support, and ability to ease first-time buyer anxieties were invaluable. More than just securing the best deal, Ayesha’s personalized approach created a familial bond that extended beyond the transaction, for which I am deeply grateful.

This year’s initiative begins with the “Black Men Buy Houses” workshop to provide essential tools and knowledge for prospective homebuyers and aspiring investors. The programming is designed to guide participants through the nuances of the home buying process, offering an afternoon filled with learning opportunities.

Scheduled educational classes for the 2024 season include:

  • Finances 101 (Credit, Budgeting, Planning): A fundamental course that covers the essentials of financial health, crucial for securing a stable future.
  • Down   Payment   Assistance   and   Working   with   a   Realtor:   Insights   into   navigating financial assistance programs and effectively working with real estate professionals.
  • Taking the Leap – Questions Before You Buy: This interactive session aims to address prospective buyers’ concerns, equipping them with the confidence to make informed decisions.

In addition, the couple is launching a comprehensive resource hub, featuring:

  • Digital Content on Home Buying Resources: A variety of guides and articles to aid the home buying journey.
  • Credit and Financial Literacy Materials: Tools to enhance understanding of financial systems and credit improvement.
  • Banking Resources: Information on relevant banking services and products that benefit homebuyers.
  • Professional   Directory:  Access   to   a   list   of   seasoned   professionals,   from   realtors   to financial advisors, all experienced in supporting first-time homebuyers.

The 500 Black Men Buy Houses  2024 initiative is dedicated to not just educating, but also creating a supportive community for its   participants, affirming the attainability of homeownership for every individual involved.

  • Event Details: The 2024 Black Men Buy Houses workshop
  • Date: Saturday, May 11, 2024
  • Time: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Location: The Power Center, 12401 S. Post Oak Rd., Houston, Texas 77045
  • Tickets available at: Black Men Buy Houses 2024 Tickets, Sat, May 11, 2024 at 12:00 pm | Eventbrite Click Here

For additional information on the 500 Black Men Buy Houses initiative, secure your spot at the event or information about vendor and sponsorship opportunities visit Eventbrite (Click Here).

Join us in making a significant impact and taking a crucial step towards financial independence and   homeownership.

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