• June 12, 2024

The Koko Cheri Collection Launches Initiative to Support Autism Moms

 The Koko Cheri Collection Launches Initiative to Support Autism Moms
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The Koko Cheri Collection, under the leadership of founder Kodi Rowden, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new initiative aimed at providing support and recognition for mothers of children with autism. This May, in observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, the brand is offering a transformative experience to help these incredible mothers feel as fabulous as they truly are.

Kodi Rowden, the Founder of The Koko Cheri Collection, a brand committed to fashion inclusivity and empowerment, believes strongly in the power of appearance to uplift one’s spirit. “Fashion should be available to everyone, a woman should feel confident and beautiful when they walk out the door,” says Kodi. Her brand, The Koko Cheri Collection, offers a wide range of sizes up to 3X, ensuring every woman can access stylish and empowering clothing.

In a special gesture of support, Kodi is offering a lucky mom a personal shopping spree and styling session. This experience is designed not just to pamper, but to empower and rejuvenate, affirming the philosophy that looking good is an integral part of feeling good.

Nominate an Amazing Autism (Ausome) Mom

Do you know a mom who should be celebrated for her strength and dedication? We are inviting nominations for this special opportunity. Help us recognize an incredible mother in your community by submitting their story. Nominate a mom whose resilience and commitment have inspired those around her and share how she has made a difference in her family and community. One lucky winner will receive a $500 shopping spree and a personal styling session with Kodi Rowden herself, designed to empower and rejuvenate. To nominate someone, please visit [Click here].

A Personal Tribute and Movement for Empowerment

Kodi’s passion for fashion was reignited by personal tragedy and the desire to live fully and passionately, values held dear by her late friend whose life was cut short. Today, her mission extends beyond creating beautiful clothes; it is about creating a movement that empowers women and engages deeply with the community.

The Koko Cheri Collection is committed to several key initiatives, including mental health and autism awareness, breast cancer awareness, and educational advancement in tech. These initiatives are part of Kodi’s broader vision to use her platform for significant social impact and community support.

Join us this May to support and uplift the amazing mothers among us. Their commitment deserves recognition and celebration. For more information about The Koko Cheri Collection and its initiatives, visit Shop The Koko Cheri Collection], 20% of all proceeds this month will be donated to Perfect Connection Autism, an organization created to empower families with resources to assist in the education and overall well- being of their children, to provide quality early educational experiences to children with autism, to assist teenagers with autism and their families with the transition to adulthood, and to empower educational stakeholders and families with relevant learning through outreach and awareness.

About The Koko Cheri Collection

Founded in 2020 by Kodi Rowden, The Koko Cheri Collection is evidence to the power of fashion as a tool for empowerment. As a Black-owned business, it stands out for its dedication to inclusivity and its profound connection with community values. Each piece in the collection is chosen for its potential to enhance self-worth and joy, celebrating individuality and the strength of women everywhere.

The Koko Cheri Collection Launches Initiative to Support Autism Moms during Mental Health Awareness Month

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